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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-06Biofunctionalized AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistor for DNA hybridization detectionJong Wook Hong
2013-04Cell-Based Dose Responses from Open-Well MicrochambersJong Wook Hong
2013-04Charting Microbial Phenotypes in Multiplex Nanoliter Batch BioreactorsJong Wook Hong
2018-06Comparison of Surface Modification Techniques on Polydimethylsiloxane to Prevent Protein AdsorptionJong Wook Hong
2011-04Creation of Stepwise Concentration Gradient in Picoliter Droplets for Parallel Reactions of Matrix Metalloproteinase II and IXJong Wook Hong
2015-06Determination of antibiotic EC50 using a zero-flow microfluidic chip based growth phenotype assayJong Wook Hong
2009-04Determination of Kinetic Parameters, Km and kcat, with a Single Experiment on a ChipJong Wook Hong
2015-09Engineered Nanoconstructs for the Multiplexed and Sensitive Detection of High-risk PathogensJong Wook Hong
2018-07Engineering oxygen nanobubbles for the effective reversal of hypoxiaJong Wook Hong
2020-06Exosomes derived from chemically induced human hepatic progenitors inhibit oxidative stress induced cell deathJong Wook Hong
2011-01Generating Non-Linear Concentration Gradients in Microfluidic Devices for Cell StudiesJong Wook Hong
2003-09Integrated Nanoliter SystemsJong Wook Hong
2011-08Log-scale dose response of inhibitors on a chipJong Wook Hong
2014-04A microfluidic perfusion platform for cultivation and screening study of motile microalgal cellsJong Wook Hong
2020-06Nanoparticles Are Separated in a Different Pattern from Microparticles with Focused Flow ControlJong Wook Hong
2012-02Nanoparticles induced by ulturaviolet rays support electrons for enzymatic reactionJong Wook Hong
2013-12New tools and new biology: Recent miniaturized systems for molecular and cellular biologyJong Wook Hong
2013-11A novel Au-nanoparticle biosensor for the rapid and simple detection of PSA using a sequence-specific peptide cleavage reactionJong Wook Hong
2015-06A novel nanoprobe for the sensitive detection of Francisella tularensisJong Wook Hong
2018-08Properties of phase transition of ice binding protein from Arctic yeast (LeIBP) utilizing differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and Raman spectroscopyJong Wook Hong
2014-11Quantitative Analysis of Pneumatically Driven Biomimetic Micro PeristalsisJong Wook Hong
2021-04Ruthenium(II)-curcumin liposome nanoparticles: Synthesis, characterization, and their effects against cervical cancerJong Wook Hong
2009-01Self-Adapting Microscale Surface Grooves for Hydrodynamic LubricationJong Wook Hong
2017-08Separation of extracellular nanovesicles and apoptotic bodies from cancer cell culture broth using tunable microfluidic systemsJong Wook Hong
2008-01A wireless biosensor using microfabricated phage-interfaced magnetoelastic particlesJong Wook Hong