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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-01Acetoclastic methanogenesis led by Methanosarcina in anaerobic co-digestion of fats, oil and grease for enhanced production of methaneGovindwar, Sanjay Prabhu
2019-08Biological Conversion of Amino Acids to Higher AlcoholsGovindwar, Sanjay Prabhu
2019-07Can Omics Approaches Improve Microalgal Biofuels under Abiotic Stress?Govindwar, Sanjay Prabhu
2019-05Combined effects of sulfamethazine and sulfamethoxazole on a freshwater microalga, Scenedesmus obliquus: toxicity, biodegradation, and metabolic fateGovindwar, Sanjay Prabhu
2020-03Composition of Synthesized Cellulolytic Enzymes Varied with the Usage of Agricultural Substrates and MicroorganismsGovindwar, Sanjay Prabhu
2019-04Conserved nature of Helicoverpa armigera gut bacterial flora on different host plants and in vitro interactions with PI proteins advocates role in host digestive physiologyGovindwar, Sanjay Prabhu
2019-03Decolorization of textile industry effluent using immobilized consortium cells in upflow fixed bed reactorGovindwar, Sanjay Prabhu
2019-09Demethylation and desulfonation of textile industry dye, Thiazole Yellow G by Aspergillus niger LAGGovindwar, Sanjay Prabhu
2019-03Densitometric quantification for the validation of decolorization of Disperse Orange ERL by lichen Parmelia sp.Govindwar, Sanjay Prabhu
2019-12Desulfonation of the textile azo dye Acid Fast Yellow MR by newly isolated Aeromonas hydrophila SK16Govindwar, Sanjay Prabhu
2020-09Enhanced application of cross-linked enzyme aggregates of lichen Dermatocarpon vellereceum released extracellular enzymes for degradation of textile dyesGovindwar, Sanjay Prabhu
2020-08In situ textile wastewater treatment in high rate transpiration system furrows planted with aquatic macrophytes and floating phytobedsGovindwar, Sanjay Prabhu
2019-10Interspecies microbial nexus facilitated methanation of polysaccharidic wastesGovindwar, Sanjay Prabhu
2019-02Microbial acclimatization to lipidic-waste facilitates the efficacy of acidogenic fermentationGovindwar, Sanjay Prabhu
2019-07Microcosm study of atrazine bioremediation by indigenous microorganisms and cytotoxicity of biodegraded metabolitesGovindwar, Sanjay Prabhu
2019-10Plant and microalgae consortium for an enhanced biodegradation of sulfamethazineGovindwar, Sanjay Prabhu
2020-01Regeneration of textile wastewater deteriorated microbial diversity of soil microcosm through bioaugmentationGovindwar, Sanjay Prabhu
2019-06Sequential photocatalysis and biological treatment for the enhanced degradation of the persistent azo dye methyl red.Govindwar, Sanjay Prabhu
2020-05Toxicity of benzophenone-3 and its biodegradation in a freshwater microalga Scenedesmus obliquusGovindwar, Sanjay Prabhu
2019-03Toxicity of sulfamethazine and sulfamethoxazole and their removal by a green microalga, Scenedesmus obliquusGovindwar, Sanjay Prabhu
2019-06Uptake and biodegradation of emerging contaminant sulfamethoxazole from aqueous phase using Ipomoea aquaticaGovindwar, Sanjay Prabhu
2019-03Whole conversion of microalgal biomass into biofuels through successive high-throughput fermentationGovindwar, Sanjay Prabhu