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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-013D Stackable Synaptic Transistor for 3D Integrated Artificial Neural Networks최창환
2015-08400MW급 복합화력 발전소 하계운전시 팬 가동수량이 대항류 냉각탑 출구물온도에 미치는 영향최창환
2018-04Analysis of Anomalously Large RTS Noise Amplitudes in Tunneling Field-effect Transistors최창환
2011-08Annealing-induced enhancement of ferromagnetism in SnO(2)-core/Cu-shell coaxial nanowires최창환
2020-05Ar ion plasma surface modification on the heterostructured TaOx/InGaZnO thin films for flexible memristor synapse최창환
2018-11Artificial optic-neural synapse for colored and color-mixed pattern recognition최창환
2011-04Bias dependence of PBTI degradation mechanism in metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistors with La-incorporated hafnium-based dielectric최창환
2019-01Bio-realistic synaptic characteristics in the cone-shaped ZnO memristive device최창환
2011-02Bulk and interface trap generation under negative bias temperature instability stress of p-channel metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors with nitrogen and silicon incorporated HfO(2) gate dielectrics최창환
2016-11Characteristics of Nano-Laminated Al-Doped ZnO (AZO) Multilayers최창환
2013-12Characteristics of Radio Frequency-Sputtered ZnS on the Flexible Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Substrate최창환
2020-06The coexistence of threshold and memory switching characteristics of ALD HfO(2)memristor synaptic arrays for energy-efficient neuromorphic computing최창환
2017-10Comparative study of Al2O3, HfO2, and HfAlOx for improved self-compliance bipolar resistive switching최창환
2018-01Compliance-Free, Digital SET and Analog RESET Synaptic Characteristics of Sub-Tantalum Oxide Based Neuromorphic Device최창환
2020-09Dependence of InGaZnO and SnO2 thin film stacking sequence for the resistive switching characteristics of conductive bridge memory devices최창환
2012-10Effect of Al incorporation on the performance and reliability of p-type metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistors최창환
2016-12The Effect of Interfacial Dipoles on the Metal-Double Interlayers-Semiconductor Structure and Their Application in Contact Resistivity Reduction최창환
2016-11The Effect of Post-Fabrication Annealing on an Amorphous IGZO Visible-Light Photodetector최창환
2014-09The effect of the annealing temperature on the transition from conductor to semiconductor behavior in zinc tin oxide deposited atomic layer deposition최창환
2015-11The effects of (NH4)(2)S-x treatment on n-GaN MOS device with nano-laminated ALD HfAlOx and Ru gate stack최창환
2016-11The Effects of a Thermal Recovery Process in In-Ga-Zn-O (IGZO) Thin Films Transistor최창환
2013-03Effects of composition and thickness of TiN metal gate on the equivalent oxide thickness and flat-band voltage in metal oxide semiconductor devices최창환
2011-05The effects of post-annealing on the performance of ZnO thin film transistors최창환
2017-05The effects of process temperature on the work function modulation of ALD HfO2 MOS device with plasma enhanced ALD TiN metal gate using TDMAT precursor최창환
2017-04The Effects of Substrate Temperature on the Properties of Kesterite Cu2ZnSnS4 Thin Films Deposited Using a Single Quaternary Target최창환
2012-10The electrical and structural properties of HfO2/SrTiO3 stacked gate dielectric with TiN metal gate electrode최창환
2015-11Electrical characteristics of ALD La2O3 capping layers using different lanthanum precursors in MOS devices with ALD HfO2, HfSiOx, and HfSiON gate dielectrics최창환
2018-08Engineering synaptic characteristics of TaOx/HfO2 bi-layered resistive switching device최창환
2012-08Fabrication, structure, and photoluminescence of GeO2/ZnO core-shell nanorods최창환
2017-09Fermi-Level Unpinning Technique with Excellent Thermal Stability. for n-Type Germanium최창환