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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-12Adhesive-free bonding of PI/PDMS interface by site-selective photothermal reactions최준명
2021-03Computational Study on Interfacial Interactions between Polymethyl Methacrylate-Based Bone Cement and Hydroxyapatite in Nanoscale최준명
2015-08Effect of interphase percolation on mechanical behavior of nanoparticle-reinforced polymer nanocomposite with filler agglomeration: A multiscale approach최준명
2019-03An efficient multiscale homogenization modeling approach to describe hyperelastic behavior of polymer nanocomposites최준명
2017-01Finite-element analysis of the optical-texture-mediated photoresponse in a nematic strip최준명
2021-04From Chaos to Control: Programmable Crack Patterning with Molecular Order in Polymer Substrates최준명
2021-10In-plane thermal conductivity of multi-walled carbon nanotube yarns under mechanical loading최준명
2015-03Influence of crosslink density on the interfacial characteristics of epoxy nanocomposites최준명
2015-01The influence of nanoparticle size on the mechanical properties of polymer nanocomposites and the associated interphase region: A multiscale approach최준명
2018-01Influences of the molecular structures of curing agents on the inelastic-deformation mechanisms in highly-crosslinked epoxy polymers최준명
2021-03Interfacial and mechanical properties of liquid crystalline elastomer nanocomposites with grafted Au nanoparticles: A molecular dynamics study최준명
2015-09Intrinsic defect-induced tailoring of interfacial shear strength in CNT/polymer nanocomposites최준명
2015-04Light and thermal responses of liquid-crystal-network films: A finite element study최준명
2017-04Liquid‐Crystalline Elastomers with Gold Nanoparticle Cross‐Linkers최준명
2021-10Mechanical evaluation of bidirectional surface deformation in contact between nanometer-sized carbon particle and copper substrate: A molecular dynamics approach최준명
2022-04Mechanical properties of tow prepreg applied to AFP using surface-tackiness최준명
2021-02Microstructural evolution and mechanical properties of atmospheric plasma sprayed Y2O3 coating with state of in-flight particle최준명
2016-08Molecular Dynamics Study on the Photothermal Actuation of a Glassy Photoresponsive Polymer Reinforced with Gold Nanoparticles with Size Effect최준명
2016-04A multiscale mechanical model for the effective interphase of SWNT/epoxy nanocomposite최준명
2021-12Multiscale mechanics of yttria film formation during plasma spray coating최준명
2017-12Multiscale modeling and its validation of the trans-cis-trans reorientation-based photodeformation in azobenzene-doped liquid crystal polymer최준명
2017-07Multiscale modeling of interphase in crosslinked epoxy nanocomposites최준명
2021-06Multiscale modeling of load transfer characteristics in crosslinked epoxy nanocomposites최준명
2018-09Multiscale modeling of photomechanical behavior of photo-responsive nanocomposite with carbon nanotubes최준명
2018-05Multiscale multiphysical analysis of photo-mechanical properties of interphase in light-responsive polymer nanocomposites최준명
2018-09Multiscale Simulation Approach on Sub-10 nm Extreme Ultraviolet Photoresist Patterning: Insights from Nanoscale Heterogeneity of Polymer최준명
2019-03Multiscale Study of the Relationship between Photoisomerization and Mechanical Behavior of Azo-Polymer Based on the Coarse-Grained Molecular Dynamics Simulation최준명
2016-02Nonlinear photomechanics of nematic networks: upscaling microscopic behaviour to macroscopic deformation최준명
2017-09Opto-mechanical behavior and interfacial characteristics of crosslinked liquid crystalline polymer composites with carbon nanotube fillers최준명
2021-09Outer diameter Curvature effects in Multi-Walled carbon nanotubes on the twistron energy harvester최준명