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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-063 DoFs Tensegrity Structure for Human Shoulder Motion Mimicking최영진
2022-02The active von Frey filament test: A new technique to evaluate hand tactile sensation in continuous variable units최영진
2019-07Adaptation to Environmental Change using Reinforcement Learning for Robotic Salamander최영진
2021-08Analysis of Fingertip Force Vector for Pinch-Lifting Gripper With Robust Adaptation to Environments최영진
2019-06Approximate Linear Modeling of Pneumatic Artificial Muscle최영진
2020-01Bio-Inspired Tendon-Driven Finger Design With Isomorphic Ligamentous Joint최영진
2017-06Bone Length Extraction from MRI Data for Prosthetic Forearm Design최영진
2015-06Bringing Nonlinear H-infinity Optimality to Robot Controllers최영진
2017-06Classification of Rock-Paper-Scissors using Electromyography and Multi-Layer Perceptron최영진
2018-10Conductive Knit-covered Pneumatic Artificial Muscle (k-PAM) Actuator최영진
2017-09A Coordinated Navigation Strategy for Multi-Robots to Capture a Target Moving with Unknown Speed최영진
2017-02D'Arsonval Movement-Based Precise Milligram Force Control for Individual Touch Sense Assessment최영진
2022-04Decision and Event-Based Fixed-Time Consensus Control for Electromagnetic Source Localization최영진
2012-02Deinococcus radiodurans OxyR 단백질의 과산화물 감지 기작 연구최영진
2007-08Design and Control of Bridge Inspection Robot System최영진
2021-02Design framework for a seamless smart glove using a digital knitting system최영진
2015-10Determining ARMA Model Parameters for Biomedical Signal Applications based on Estimation of the Equivalent AR Model최영진
2020-05Development of a Lightweight Prosthetic Hand for Patients with Amputated Fingers최영진
2016-08Development of a Prosthetic Forearm aiming at Humanlike Motion for Trans-radial Amputation최영진
2020-06Development of an Anthropomorphic Prosthetic Hand with Underactuated Mechanism최영진
2021-10Development of EMG-FMG Based Prosthesis With PVDF-Film Vibrational Feedback Control최영진
2017-06Development of Knit Band Electrodes for Multi-channel sEMG Measurement최영진
2019-06Development of Prosthetic Finger including an Actuator최영진
2017-07Dynamic Elasticity Measurement for Prosthetic Socket Design최영진
2016-04Dynamic modeling and control of hopping robot in planar space최영진
2016-05EMG-Based Continuous Control Scheme With Simple Classifier for Electric-Powered Wheelchair최영진
2015-10EMG-based Prosthetic Hand Control System Inspired by Missing-Hand Movement최영진
2020-06Extension Mechanism of the Proximal Interphalangeal Joint of the Human Phalanx: A Cadaveric Biomechanical Study최영진
2020-02Fabric Vest Socket with Embroidered Electrodes for Control of Myoelectric Prosthesis최영진