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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-053D 프린터를 이용한 복합재료로 구성된 다자유도 정밀스테이지 제조조남규
2003-083분력 힘 센서를 이용한 CMM용 접촉식 프로브의 개발에 관한 연구조남규
2004-063자유도 병렬기구의 위치오차 보정기술에 관한 연구조남규
2006-073자유도 위치 결정 기구의 위치 오차 평가 및 보정법에 대한 불확도 분석조남규
2016-053차원 데이터 정합을 이용한 진원도 측정조남규
2008-05Characterization of the fracture process of notched glass fiber/aluminum hybrid laminates by acoustic emission조남규
2004-11CMM을 이용한 3자유도 병렬기구 위치 오차의 정밀 평가 기법조남규
2004-09the design and characterization of a piezo-driven inchworm linear motor with a reduction-lever mechanism조남규
2006-09Development of a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) touch probe using a multi-axis force sensor조남규
2007-04Development of a precision indentation and scratching system with a tool force and displacement control module조남규
2001-11Evaluation of the impactive-surface-fracture behavior of glass plates using a back-surface strain measurement조남규
2020-07Fabrication of a piezoelectrically driven micropositioning 3-DOF stage with elastic body using a multi-material 3D printer조남규
2015-08The five-degree of freedom stitching method of areal surface data for high precision and large area measurement조남규
2006-09A highly sensitive multi-dimensional motion measurement system using a spherical reflector조남규
2016-01Highly sensitive straightness measurement system using a ball-lens조남규
2003-04Lateral Crack in Abrasive Wear of Brittle Materials조남규
2002-01Layered morphology and bending fracture behavior of moulded composites of thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer and polyamide 6 containing epoxy component조남규
2021-03Measurement of five-degrees-of-freedom spindle error motion using multi probe error separation조남규
2007-05Microbead based immunoassay for tumor marker using electrical detection system조남규
2008-08Microchip-based multiplex electro-immunosensing system for the detection of cancer biomarkers조남규
2019-06Multi-probe system design for measuring the roundness and rotation error motion of a spindle using an error separation technique조남규
2018-06Multi-probe system design for measuring the roundness and rotation error motion of a spindle using an error separation technique조남규
2008-04A novel microfluidic biosensor based on an electrical detection system for alpha-fetoprotein조남규
2003-07PSD와 구면반사를 이용한 3자유도 미소 변위의 정밀측정(Precision Displacement Measurement of Three-DOF Micro Motions Using Position Sensitive Detector and Spherical Reflector)조남규
2000-12PTC 서미스터를 이용한 유속계의 성능향상에 관한 연구조남규
2008-05Real-time immunoassay with a PDMS-glass hybrid microfilter electro-immuno sensing chip using nanogold particles and silver enhancement조남규
2002-02A simulation study of the control algorithm for a ball screw type motor-driven power steering system조남규
2019-05Six-Degree-of-Freedom Robot Arm Vibration Measurement using Stereo Vision조남규
2002-11Surface Modification of Micromolds by Flurocarbon Films조남규
2001-02가공면의 상태 변화 측정에 관한 연구조남규