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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-05Adaptive autoregressive deinterlacing method정제창
2013-01Adaptive Extended Bilateral Motion Estimation Considering Block Type and Frame Motion Activity정제창
2014-09Adaptive Intra Prediction Mode Signaling Approach in H.264/AVC정제창
2014-02Adaptive Search Range Determination for Fast Motion Estimation정제창
2011-05Adaptive Two-Step Edge-Based Partial Distortion Search Algorithm using Motion Vector Prediction정제창
2014-02Adaptive Unithreshold Two-Bit Block Motion Estimation정제창
2016-01Advanced Motion Vector Smoothing For Frame Rate Up-Conversion정제창
2012-07Application for deinterlacing method using edge direction classification and fuzzy inference system정제창
2014-06Autocorrelation-based interlaced to progressive format conversion정제창
2017-02Bilateral Filtering and Directional Differentiation for Bayer Demosaicking정제창
2016-03Bilateral frame rate up-conversion algorithm based on the comparison of texture complexity정제창
2015-08Bilateral frame rate upconversion algorithm based on image texture complexity compensation정제창
2014-12Binary Block Motion Estimation Using an Adaptive Search Range Adjustment Technique정제창
2015-02Bit-inverted Gray Coded Bit-plane Matching for Low Complexity Motion Estimation정제창
2015-11Block-based Error Compensation Method for Fast Thumbnail Generation in H.264/AVC Bitstreams정제창
2014-05A Block-Wise Autoregression-Based Deinterlacing Algorithm정제창
2020-06C3Net: Demoiréing Network Attentive in Channel, Color and Concatenation정제창
2019-09Color Filter Array Demosaicking Using Densely Connected Residual Network정제창
2014-03Color filter array interpolation by successive refinement over color channels using gradient inverse-weighted filtering정제창
2014-11Colour interpolation using adaptive window for Bayer colour filter array (vol 50, pg 1689, 2014)정제창
2014-11Computer Vision-based Method to Detect Fire with Color Variation in Temporal Domain정제창
2013-01Constrained Two-bit Transform for Low Complexity Motion Estimation정제창
2014-07Constrained two-bit transform for low-complexity motion estimation정제창
2012-11Content-adaptive mode-dependent filtering algorithm for H.264/advanced video coding intra prediction정제창
2015-11Contrast Adjustment Algorithm Using Weighting Approximation for Stereo Imaging정제창
2012-12Contrast enhancement and noise elimination using singular value decomposition for stereo imaging정제창
2012-06Contrast enhancement using histogram equalization based on logarithmic mapping정제창
2013-01DCT 계수 분포를 이용해 추출한 edge 방향성에 기반한 새로운 적응적 보간 기법정제창
2014-01De-Interlacing Algorithm Using Weighted Least Squares정제창