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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-063D-IC 전력 공급 네트워크를 위한 최적의 전력 메시 구조를 사용한 전력 범프와 TSV 최소화정정화
2012-063D-IC에서의 최적화 전력 메시 구조를 통한 전력 범프와 TSV 동시 배치 기법정정화
2013-113차원 집적회로의 배선 혼잡도를 줄이기 위한 넷 오더링 기법정정화
2013-12Adaptive Object-Region-Based Image Pre-Processing for a Noise Removal Algorithm정정화
2011-03A block-based adaptive three stages motion estimation using early termination for anti-shaking정정화
2013-11Blurring Image Quality Assessment Method based on Histogram of Gradient정정화
2015-05Chirp Spread Spectrum Transceiver Design and Implementation for Real Time Locating System정정화
2014-12Clock Mesh Network Design with Through-Silicon Vias in 3D Integrated Circuits정정화
2014-06Contrast Enhancement With Slope Modification정정화
2011-12Design of One chip Communication Stack Processor and MMS Communication Stack Library Based on IEC 61850정정화
2012-08Dual Shift Invariant TOA Estimation Algorithm for Multi-Band Signals정정화
2014-03Edge-preserving demosaicing method for digital cameras with Bayer-like W-RGB color filter array정정화
2011-12Effective Estimation Method of Routing Congestion at Floorplan Stage for 3D ICs정정화
2011-09An Effective Pre-Filtering Method with a Propagator for TOA-Based Range Estimation Using Chirp Signal정정화
2012-02Effective Preprocessing Transformation with Rake Reception for Shift Invariant TOA Estimation of Chirp Signals in Multipath Environments정정화
2013-01An efficient LIN MCU design for In-Vehicle Networks정정화
2014-01An Efficient Non-Line-of-Sight Error Mitigation Method for TOAmeasurement in Indoor Environments정정화
2012-11An Efficient Ranging Protocol Using Multiple Packets for Asynchronous Real-Time Locating Systems정정화
2015-05An Efficient TDOA-Based Localization Algorithm without Synchronization between Base Stations정정화
2014-11An Efficient TOA-based Localization Scheme Based on BS Selection in Wireless Sensor Networks정정화
2012-09High-resolution Range Estimation Technique Using Shift Invariant TOA Estimation Algorithm for Indoor Localization of Chirp Spread Spectrum System정정화
2015-06Hybrid Range-Based and Range-Free Method for Improvement of Localization Performance in Real Environment정정화
2012-02Hybrid RSS/TOA Wireless Positioning with a Mobile Anchor in Wireless Sensor Networks정정화
2014-05Image Contrast Enhancement Using Adaptive Slope정정화
2012-02Improved and Extended Range Scale Algorithm for Wireless Cellular Location정정화
2012-08An Improved Look-Up Table-Based FPGA Implementation of Image Warping for CMOS Image Sensors정정화
2011-08Improved LUT-Based Image Warping for Video Cameras정정화
2014-12Improved nonlocal fuzzy color segmentation-based color reconstruction hybrid approach for white-RGB imaging systems정정화
2014-05An Improved White-RGB Color Filter Array Based CMOS Imaging System for Cell Phones in Low-Light Environments정정화
2015-03Joint estimation of direction of departure and direction of arrival for multiple-input multiple-output radar based on improved joint ESPRIT method정정화