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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-082,3-Dicyanopyrazines Substituted Styryl Electron-Donor Group and Its Application for OLED Emitting Materials정재윤
2016-02Axially substituted silicon (IV) tetrapyrazinoporphyrazines: Synthesis, characterization and investigation of photophysicochemical properties정재윤
2017-09Cationic dipyridylamine substituted zinc tetrapyrazinoporphyrazine derivatives for photodynamic therapy정재윤
2019-11Effect of additional phenothiazine donor and thiophene pie-bridge on photovoltaic performance of quinoxaline cored photosensitizers정재윤
2020-09Effect of donor-pi-acceptor structure on photochromism of dithienylethene-based dyes정재윤
2019-03Effect of regioisomeric substitution patterns on the performance of quinoxaline-based dye-sensitized solar cells정재윤
2015-08The Effects of Dry Ar Plasma Treatment on the Optical and Electrical Properties of Transparent Silver Nanowire Electrodes정재윤
2017-04A graphene-phthalocyanine hybrid as a next photoactive layer정재윤
2015-05Hollow and sulfonated microporous organic polymers: versatile platforms for non-covalent fixation of molecular photocatalysts정재윤
2015-09Large Scale Synthesis and Light Emitting Fibers of Tailor-Made Graphene Quantum Dots정재윤
2012-12MWNT/PEG grafted nanocomposites and an analysis of their EMI shielding properties정재윤
2011-11Optical sensitivity of electrospun fibers containing quinoxalines derived with metal ion chelating agent정재윤
2013-01Red-emitting materials derived from 2,3-dicyanopyrazine for organic light emitting devices정재윤
2015-09Scalable Sub-micron Patterning of Organic Materials Toward High Density Soft Electronics정재윤
2013-12Synthesis and Characterization of Modified Dyes for Dye-Based LCD Color Filters정재윤
2011-11The Synthesis and Optical Properties of Fluorescent Quinoxalines and of Electrospun Fibers Containing Fluorescent Quinoxaline정재윤
2015-10Synthesis and performance of new quinoxaline-based dyes for dye sensitized solar cell정재윤
2015-10Synthesis and photophysical properties of axially substituted silicon (IV) tetrapyrazinoporphyrazines정재윤
2015-08Synthesis and photophysical properties of silicon(IV) tetrapyrazinoporphyrazines axially substituted with ethylene glycol chains as potential photosensitizer정재윤
2013-05Synthesis and spectral characterisation of dicyanopyrazine-related cyanoheterocycles정재윤
2013-11Synthesis and spectral properties of tetraquinoxalinoporphyrazines containing benzocrown-ether group정재윤
2011-11Synthesis of 2,3-Dicyanopyrazine Dimers Linked with Cyclobutane Ring by [2+2]Photocycloaddition정재윤
2017-07Synthesis of a tetrapyrazinoporphyrazine-based fluorescent sensor for detection of Cu2+ ion정재윤
2015-12Synthesis of A(3)B zinc tetrapyrazinoporphyrazine covalently functionalized reduced graphene oxide정재윤
2016-01Synthesis of A3B-Type quinoxaline-substituted porphyrin photosensitizer정재윤
2015-08Synthesis of carbohydrate-conjugated azaphthalocyanine complexes for PDT정재윤
2018-07Synthesis of new di-anchoring organic sensitizer based on quinoxaline acceptor for dye-sensitized solar cells정재윤
2017-03Synthesis of yellow pyridonylazo colorants and their application in dye-pigment hybrid colour filters for liquid crystal display정재윤
2020-08The Effects of Promotion on Intra-and Inter-team Higher-and Lower-rank Social Network Changes: The Moderating Roles of Machiavellian Personality and Goal Orientation정재윤
2012-08Topochemically photoreacted fluorescent dimers of 2,3-dicyanopyrazines정재윤