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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-115G-NR 에서 수정된 MMSE 방식을 이용한 채널추정정기석
2015-07Adaptive and Aggressive Low Power Load Balancing for Multicore Systems정기석
2011-07An adaptive low-power LDPC decoder using SNR estimation정기석
2015-08Analysis of Various DRAM Devices from Power Consumption’s Perspective정기석
2018-07Autonomous high-speed serial link power management depending on required link performance for HMC정기석
2017-01CasHMC: A Cycle-Accurate Simulator for Hybrid Memory Cube정기석
2020-01CENNA: Cost-Effective Neural Network Accelerator정기석
2015-11Conditional termination check min-sum algorithm for efficient LDPC decoders정기석
2020-10A Confidence-Calibrated MOBA Game Winner Predictor정기석
2011-06Cortex-R4를 이용한 여분 구조 기반 다중코어 시스템의 구현정기석
2019-01CPU기반 장치에서 효율적인 딥러닝 추론을 위한 컨볼루션 신경망의 가속 방법의 성능 비교정기석
2019-11DCT 인자를 이용한 빠른 얼굴 검출기 설계정기석
2014-07Design of OpenCL Framework for Embedded Multi-core Processors정기석
2020-11Direct Conversion: Accelerating Convolutional Neural Networks Utilizing Sparse Input Activation정기석
2019-01DRAM 로우 해머링 방지를 위한 확률 기반 추가 로우 리프레시의 최적 확률을 찾는 방법정기석
2018-06DRBAC: Dynamic Row Buffer Access Control for Power and Performance of DRAM Systems정기석
2014-08Dynamic power management for embedded processors in system-on-chip designs정기석
2013-08Dynamic Power Management Technique for Multicore Based Embedded Mobile Devices정기석
2012-10Dynamic voltage and frequency scaling framework for low-power embedded GPUs정기석
2013-11Dynamic voltage and frequency scaling scheme for an adaptive LDPC decoder using SNR estimation정기석
2018-02Early termination refresh to reduce refresh overhead정기석
2015-07Efficient Data Transfer Method for Image Filtering Implementation on FPGA Using OpenCL정기석
2019-11Elastic Net 정규화와 초매개변수 탐색을 통한 합성곱 신경망의 희소성 유도 최적화 기법정기석
2020-02GPU에 내장된 행렬 연산에 특화된 코어를 사용한 인공 신경망의 가속정기석
2020-02GRAM: Gradient Rescaling Attention Model for Data Uncertainty Estimation in Single Image Super Resolution정기석
2016-10High performance DRAM architecture with split row buffer정기석
2017-05HMC-MAC_Processing-in Memory Architecture for Multiply-Accumulate Operations with Hybrid Memory Cube정기석
2011-03Integrated circuit design for physical unclonable function using differential amplifiers정기석
2015-07Integrated Power Management for CPU and GPU Based on Prediction of the Influence of Mutual Dependency between Processing Units정기석
2017-10Low Power and High Performance Level-up Shifters for Mobile Devices with Multi-V-DD정기석