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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-05Accelerated temperature and humidity testing of 2D SnS(2)thin films made via four-inch-wafer-scale atomic layer deposition전형탁
2014-02Al2O3 multi-density layer structure as a moisture permeation barrier deposited by radio frequency remote plasma atomic layer deposition전형탁
2017-04The annealing effect on work function variation of WNxCy films deposited by remote plasma atomic layer deposition전형탁
2022-03Atomic layer deposition for rutile structure TiO2 thin films using a SnO2 seed layer and low temperature heat treatment전형탁
2019-12Atomic layer deposition growth of SnS2 films on diluted buffered oxide etchant solution-treated substrate전형탁
2020-11Atomic layer deposition of titanium dioxide films using a metal organic precursor (C12H23N3Ti) and H2O (DI water)전형탁
2012-12AZO/Au/AZO multilayer as a transparent conductive electrode전형탁
2020-12Carbon content control of silicon oxycarbide film with methane containing plasma전형탁
2015-03Characteristics of a nickel thin film and formation of nickel silicide by using remote plasma atomic layer deposition with Ni( (i) Pr-DAD)(2)전형탁
2016-01Characteristics of Al2O3/ZrO2 laminated films deposited by ozone-based atomic layer deposition for organic device encapsulation전형탁
2017-04Characteristics of layered tin disulfide deposited by atomic layer deposition with H2S annealing전형탁
2018-01Characteristics of low-kappa SiOC films deposited via atomic layer deposition전형탁
2021-04Characteristics of Silicon Oxide Thin Film Deposited via Remote Plasma Atomic Layer Deposition전형탁
2015-09Characteristics of WNxCy films deposited using remote plasma atomic layer deposition with (Cp-Me)W(CO)(2)(NO) for Cu diffusion barrier전형탁
2016-10Characterization of Cu-Mn/Ta Layer as Cu Diffusion Barrier on a Low-k Dielectric전형탁
2012-12Characterization of the Co film deposited by MOCVD using dicobalt (Hexacarbonyl) tert-butylacetylene and the CoSi2 film formed by a two-step annealing process with a Ti capping layer전형탁
2012-12Charge trapping characteristics of Au nanocrystals embedded in remote plasma atomic layer-deposited Al2O3 film as the tunnel and blocking oxides for nonvolatile memory applications전형탁
2016-08Colossal Terahertz Nonlinearity in Angstrom- and Nanometer-Sized Gaps전형탁
2022-05Control of Transfer Characteristics of Atomic Layer Deposited Al-Doped SnO2 Thin Film through a Post-Annealing Process전형탁
2016-12Correlation of nanostructure changes with the electrical properties of molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) as affected by sulfurization temperature전형탁
2018-10Density control of ZnO nanorod arrays using ultrathin seed layer by atomic layer deposition전형탁
2022-03Deposition of the tin sulfide thin films using ALD and a vacuum annealing process for tuning the phase transition전형탁
2013-02Deposition temperature dependence of titanium oxide thin films grown by remote-plasma atomic layer deposition전형탁
2014-11Depth resolved band alignments of ultrathin TiN/ZrO2 and TiN/ZrO2-Al2O3-ZrO2 dynamic random access memory capacitors전형탁
2014-08Detection of oxygen ion drift in Pt/Al2O3/TiO2/Pt RRAM using interface-free single-layer graphene electrodes전형탁
2019-11Development of a SnS Film Process for Energy Device Applications전형탁
2017-01Dielectric barrier characteristics of Si-rich silicon nitride films deposited by plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition전형탁
2012-12Dual optical functionality of local surface plasmon resonance for RuO2 nanoparticle-ZnO nanorod hybrids grown by atomic layer deposition전형탁
2015-01Effect of a Ti capping layer on thermal stability of NiSi formed from Ni thin films deposited by metal organic chemical vapor deposition using a Ni(Pr-i-DAD)(2) precursor전형탁
2018-04Effect of adding an insulator between metal and semiconductor layers on contact resistance전형탁