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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-12Adaptive Kernel Function of SVM for Improving Speech/Music Classification of 3GPP2 SMV장준혁
2017-07Adaptive robust time-of-arrival source localization algorithm based on variable step size weighted block Newton method장준혁
2014-12Affine projection sign algorithm with l(1) minimization-based variable step-size장준혁
2020-07Augmented Latent Features of Deep Neural Network-Based Automatic Speech Recognition for Motor-Driven Robots장준혁
2017-12Bayesian feature enhancement using independent vector analysis and reverberation parameter re-estimation for noisy reverberant speech recognition장준혁
2014-12Biased SNR Estimation using Pilot and Data Symbols in BPSK and QPSK Systems장준혁
2014-01Cepstral distance를 이용한 방송 프로그램 분류장준혁
2016-02Closed-Form Localization for Distributed MIMO Radar Systems Using Time Delay Measurements장준혁
2016-07Closed-form two-step weighted-least-squares-based time-of-arrival source localisation using invariance property of maximum likelihood estimator in multiple-sample environment장준혁
2013-05Confidence interval estimation for oscillometric blood pressure measurements using nonparametric bootstrap approach장준혁
2012-11Cross-correlation 기반의 Double-talk detection을 적용한 WebRTC AEC 성능 개선장준혁
2015-08Data-driven 기반의 단일 채널 잡음 및 반향의 통합 억제기장준혁
2017-05Deep Belief Networks Ensemble for Blood Pressure Estimation장준혁
2017-09Deep Boltzmann Regression With Mimic Features for Oscillometric Blood Pressure Estimation장준혁
2017-11Deep learning ensemble with asymptotic techniques for oscillometric blood pressure estimation장준혁
2018-05Deep Neural Network Based Blind Estimation of Reverberation Time Based on Multi-channel Microphones장준혁
2020-05Deep neural network ensemble for reducing artificial noise in bandwidth extension장준혁
2020-10Delayless Block Individual-Weighting-Factors Sign Subband Adaptive Filters With an Improved Band-Dependent Variable Step-Size장준혁
2019-01Dempster-Shafer fusion based on a deep Boltzmann machine for blood pressure estimation장준혁
2018-01Dempster-Shafer theory for enhanced statistical model-based voice activity detection장준혁
2019-01DNN based multi-speaker speech synthesis with temporal auxiliary speaker ID embedding장준혁
2016-03Dual-microphone voice activity detection based on using optimally weighted maximum a posteriori probabilities장준혁
2014-06Dual-Microphone Voice Activity Detection Technique Based on Two-Step Power Level Difference Ratio장준혁
2012-08Efficient Implementation of an SVM-Based Speech/Music Classifier by Enhancing Temporal Locality in Support Vector References장준혁
2012-08Efficient Implementation of an SVM-Based Speech/Music Classifier by Enhancing Temporal Locality in Support Vector References장준혁
2014-03Efficient Implementation of Statistical Model-Based Voice Activity Detection Using Taylor Series Approximation장준혁
2015-08Efficient implementation techniques of an SVM-based speech/music classifier in SMV장준혁
2020-08End-to-End Speech Endpoint Detection Utilizing Acoustic and Language Modeling Knowledge for Online Low-Latency Speech Recognition장준혁
2013-08Enhanced Muting Method in Packet Loss Concealment of ITU-T G.722 Employing Optimized Sigmoid Function장준혁