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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-11Advanced Organic Transistor-Based Sensors Utilizing a Solvatochromic Medium with Twisted Intramolecular Charge-Transfer Behavior and Its Application to Ammonia Gas Detection이화성
2021-01A Battery-Free, Chipless, Highly Sensitive LC Pressure Sensor Tag Using PEDOT: PSS and Melamine Foam이화성
2024-01Buried-Contact Organic Field-Effect Transistor: The Way of Alleviating Drawbacks from Interfacial Charge Transfer이화성
2018-06Chemically Robust Superhydrophobic Poly (vinylidene fluoride) Films with Grafting Crosslinkable Fluorinated Silane이화성
2018-09Crisscross-designed piezoresistive strain sensors with a cracked microtectonic architecture for direction-selective tensile perception이화성
2019-02Design Strategies in the Pen-Printing Technique toward Elaborated Organic Electronics이화성
2023-01-25Development of Low Cost, Fast, and Highly Stable Piezoresistive Strain Sensors to Monitor Human Movement이화성
2020-07Direct Printing of Asymmetric Electrodes for Improving Charge Injection/Extraction in Organic Electronics이화성
2022-06Electrohydrodynamic jet printing of small-molecule semiconductor crystals on chemically patterned surface for high-performance organic field-effect transistors이화성
2021-07Electron-interfered field-effect transistors as a sensing platform for detecting a delicate surface chemical reaction이화성
2019-02Engineering Asymmetric Charge Injection/Extraction to Optimize Organic Transistor Performances이화성
2022-10-01Exploration on Solvatochromic Sensing Probe of Phenol Blue for L-Lactic Acid Detection: Effective Strategy to Obtain Reliable Capacitive Sensor이화성
2017-10Exploring the ultrasonic nozzle spray-coating technique for the fabrication of solution-processed organic electronics이화성
2022-09Extrapolation method for reliable measurement of Seebeck coefficient of organic thin films이화성
2019-01Fabrication of Highly Sensitive Piezocapacitive Pressure Sensors using a Simple and Inexpensive Home Milk Frother이화성
2021-04Facile and reliable route to ensure chemical-environmental stability of pen-printed organic transistors with blended polymer Semiconductor–Insulator이화성
2021-04Facile and reliable route to ensure chemical-environmental stability of pen-printed organic transistors with blended polymer Semiconductor-Insulator이화성
2022-09First principle understanding of antiferroelectric ordering in La-doped silver niobate이화성
2017-08Flexible piezocapacitive sensors based on wrinkled microstructures: toward low-cost fabrication of pressure sensors over large areas이화성
2022-06Highly Reliable Passive RFID-Based Inductor-Capacitor Sensory System Strengthened by Solvatochromism for Fast and Wide-Range Lactate Detection이화성
2019-06A highly sensitive and stress-direction-recognizing asterisk-shaped carbon nanotube strain sensor이화성
2020-04Highly sensitive, fast and wide dynamic range lactate sensor containing solvatochromic sensing membrane by combining the capacitance-to-phase conversion technique이화성
2018-07Macroscopic Interfacial Property as a Determining Parameter for Reliable Prediction of Charge Mobility in Organic Transistors이화성
2023-10-09Multiplexed Complementary Signal Transmission for a Self-Regulating Artificial Nervous System이화성
2022-05Novel Dithienopyrrole-Based Conjugated Copolymers: Importance of Backbone Planarity in Achieving High Electrical Conductivity and Thermoelectric Performance이화성
2018-01Novel Eco‐Friendly Starch Paper for Use in Flexible, Transparent, and Disposable Organic Electronics이화성
2019-09Omnidirectional Strain‐Independent Organic Transistors Integrated onto an Elastomer Template with a Spontaneously Formed Fingerprint‐Mimicking Microtopography이화성
2020-06Omnidirectionally Stretchable Organic Transistors for Use in Wearable Electronics: Ensuring Overall Stretchability by Applying Nonstretchable Wrinkled Components이화성
2017-06Optically Proved Molecular Alignment Behavior of Organic Semiconductor and Its Application for Organic Transistor with Enhanced Electrical Characteristics이화성
2021-09Parylene 고분자 유전체 표면제어를 통한 OFET의 소자 안정성 향상 연구이화성