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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-07Capturing Information on Technology Convergence, International Collaboration, and Knowledge Flow from Patent Document: A Case of Information and Communication Technology이창준
2022-03Changes in consumption patterns during the COVID-19 pandemic: Analyzing the revenge spending motivations of different emotional groups이창준
2018-04Does social media use really make people politically polarized? Direct and indirect effects of social media use on political polarization in South Korea이창준
2019-01Does working long hours cause marital dissolution? Evidence from the reduction in South Korea's workweek standard이창준
2017-12Effect of a policy intervention on handset subsidies on the intention to change handsets and households’ expenses in mobile telecommunications이창준
2018-12The Effect of a Reduced Statutory Workweek on Familial Long-Term Care in Korea이창준
2019-02The Effect of Adult Children’ s Working Hours on Visits to Elderly Parents: A Natural Experiment in Korea이창준
2020-11Effect of efficient triple-helix collaboration on organizations based on their stage of growth이창준
2022-03Effective strategies to attract crowdfunding investment based on the novelty of business ideas이창준
2020-06The effects of popularity metrics in news comments on the formation of public opinion: Evidence from an internet portal site이창준
2022-04The effects of regional capacity in knowledge recombination on production efficiency이창준
2021-11Estimating cost of fighting against fake news during catastrophic situations이창준
2018-09The evolutionary trajectory of an ICT ecosystem: A network analysis based on media users’ data이창준
2017-12Ex-post Evaluation of Illegalizing Juvenile Online Game after Midnight: A Case of Shutdown Policy in South Korea이창준
2018-11The influence of giant platform on content diversity이창준
2022-04Internet of Things Technology: Balancing privacy concerns with convenience이창준
2017-12Intra-industry innovation, spillovers, and industry evolution: Evidence from the Korean ICT industry이창준
2020-07The mechanism of innovation spill-over across sub-layers in the ICT industry이창준
2017-05Mobile healthcare applications and gamification for sustained health maintenance이창준
2021-07The nature of ICT in technology convergence: A knowledge-based network analysis이창준
2007-02PEG 포괄고정화 담체에 대한 합성 및 물성 개선에 관한 연구이창준
2022-03Regional knowledge spaces: the interplay of entry‑relatedness and entry‑potential for technological change and growth이창준
2018-02Research on the mutual relations between ISP and ASP efficiency changes for the sustainable growth of the Internet industry이창준
2020-07Strategic groups emerged by selecting RD collaboration partners and firms' efficiency이창준
2021-05Technological knowledge spaces and the resilience of European regions이창준
2022-03Technology Network Structure Conditions the Economic Resilience of Regions이창준
2020-05TV홈쇼핑 이용자의 상품구매 입문 요인 분석: 랜덤포레스트 분석을 활용한 개인의 미디어 레퍼토리 데이터를 중심으로이창준
2021-08Which innovation type is better for production efficiency? A comparison between product/ service, process, organisational and marketing innovations using stochastic frontier and metafrontier analysis이창준
2014-02고농도 저해 조건에의 단기 노출이 질산화에 미치는 영향이창준
2021-06미국 ICT기업의 국제특허분류 공동출현 네트워크 특성에 관한 연구: 기술유사성과 기술응용성을 중심으로이창준