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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-01Comment on 'Energy transfer, entanglement and decoherence in a molecular dimer interacting with a phonon bath'이진형
2012-07Critical behavior in ultrastrong-coupled oscillators이진형
2015-10Entropic lower bound for distinguishability of quantum states이진형
2014-05Experimental demonstration of error-insensitive approximate universal-NOT gates이진형
2019-01Experimental demonstration of quantum learning speedup with classical input data이진형
2019-01Experimental Demonstration on Quantum Sensitivity to Available Information in Decision Making이진형
2012-06Generating a Schrodinger-cat-like state via a coherent superposition of photonic operations이진형
2018-09Geometric extension of Clauser-Horne inequality to more qubits이진형
2013-10Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger theorem for N qudits이진형
2018-11Learning unknown pure quantum states이진형
2014-02Multisetting Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger theorem이진형
2019-09Necessary and sufficient condition for joint measurability이진형
2017-10Operational quasiprobabilities for continuous variables이진형
2013-11Operational quasiprobabilities for qudits이진형
2019-12Optical experiment to test negative probability in context of quantum-measurement selection이진형
2014-05Phonon-induced dynamic resonance energy transfer이진형
2012-12Procedures for realizing an approximate universal-NOT gate이진형
2012-10A Quantum Heuristic Algorithm for the Traveling Salesman Problem이진형
2017-09Quantum noise reduction in intensity-sensitive surface-plasmon-resonance sensors이진형
2016-05Quantum Plasmonic Sensing: Beyond the Shot-Noise and Diffraction Limit이진형
2013-06Quantum plasmonics이진형
2012-06Quantum plasmonics with a metal nanoparticle array이진형
2014-10A quantum speedup in machine learning: finding an N-bit Boolean function for a classification이진형
2016-02Quantum-mechanical machinery for rational decision-making in classical guessing game이진형
2013-08Robust-to-loss entanglement generation using a quantum plasmonic nanoparticle array이진형
2011-10Role of energy-level mismatches in a multi-pathway complex of photosynthesis이진형
2012-02SNS이용과 사회자본유형에 따른 사회관계망 분석이진형
2014-07A strategy for quantum algorithm design assisted by machine learning이진형
2013-02Testing genuine multipartite nonlocality in phase space이진형
2019-08Tightest conditions for violating the Bell inequality when measurement independence is relaxed이진형