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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-11Artificial intelligence model comparison for risk factor analysis of patent ductus arteriosus in nationwide very low birth weight infants cohort이주현
2021Atomic Layer Deposited Cobalt-based Metal Gate Electrode for pMOS Device이주현
2021-06Automatic Classification of the Korean Triage Acuity Scale in Simulated Emergency Rooms Using Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing: a Proof of Concept Study이주현
2019-06Beyond Max-weight Scheduling: A Reinforcement Learning-based Approach이주현
2017-01CarrierMix: How Much Can User-side Carrier Mixing Help?이주현
2017-03CAS: Context-Aware Background Application Scheduling in Interactive Mobile Systems이주현
2019-12Delay-Optimal and Energy-Efficient Communications with Markovian Arrivals이주현
2017-04Delay-Optimal Buffer-Aware Scheduling With Adaptive Transmission이주현
2018-06Finding minimum node separators: A Markov chain Monte Carlo method이주현
2019-09An Inter-data Encoding Technique that Exploits Synchronized Data for Network Applications이주현
2021-07Joint Queue-Aware and Channel-Aware Scheduling for Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access이주현
2021-01Learning to Schedule Network Resources Throughput and Delay Optimally Using Q+-Learning이주현
2021-12LSTM-based Throughput Prediction for LTE Networks이주현
2021-08Machine Learning and Deep Learning for Throughput Prediction이주현
2022-02Machine learning-based diagnosis and risk factor analysis of cardiocerebrovascular disease based on KNHANES이주현
2022-02Machine learning‑based diagnosis and risk factor analysis of cardiocerebrovascular disease based on KNHANES이주현
2018-07A Near-Optimal Control Policy in Cloud Systems with Renewable Sources and Time-dependent Energy Price이주현
2022NLoS Mitigation Methods for Localization in Indoor Environments이주현
2021-05Prediction of Head Movement in 360-Degree Videos Using Attention Model이주현
2020-02Prediction of Network Throughput using ARIMA이주현
2018-04Pricing for Past Channel State Information in Multi-Channel Cognitive Radio Networks이주현
2021-06Q-greedyUCB: a New Exploration Policy to Learn Resource-Efficient Scheduling이주현
2019-11Q-Learning을 활용한 개인의 의료비 최소화 연구이주현
2019-10A Reinforcement Learning Based Low-Delay Scheduling With Adaptive Transmission이주현
2021-04Reinforcement Learning for Random Access in Multi-cell Networks이주현
2016-12Resource-Efficient Mobile Multimedia Streaming With Adaptive Network Selection이주현
2015-02S/O/W 용매 추출 증발법을 이용한 마보플록사신 서방형 PLGA 마이크로입자이주현
2012-02Study on electrocatalytic activity and durability enhancement of noble metal particle on carbon nanotubes for PEM Fuel Cell이주현
2009-08감성사회의 패키지디자인이 브랜드 충성도에 미치는 영향에 관한연구이주현
2019게이트 순환 신경망 기반 고장 예지 모형과 비주기적 예방보전 정책이주현