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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-0710kVA 일체형 변압기/리액터 코어포화에 관한 연구이주
2015-06110kW급 고출력 밀도형 PMSM의손실 저감을 통한 고효율 설계에 대한 연구이주
2018-063-Leg Inverter Control for 2-Phase Outer Rotor Coreless Torque Actuator in Hybrid Multi-DOF System이주
2016-073MVA 태양광 인버터 시험기용 Simulator 병렬 운전 제어이주
2016-093레벨 NPC 컨버터의 파워스택 설계에 관한 연구이주
2016-0745kW급 무가선 트램 견인용 IPMSM의 횡 변위 복원력 시험방법 및 검증이주
2019-075.5kW급 동기 릴럭턴스 전동기의 베리어 형상에 대한 출력 특성 분석이주
2013-08AC-microgrids versus DC-microgrids with distributed energy resources: A review이주
2016-11Active Phase Control for Maximum Power Point Tracking of a Linear Wave Generator이주
2013-12AFCI용 ASIC의 온도보상에 관한 연구이주
2017-01Analysis and Performance of the Self Excited Eddy Current Brake이주
2014-02Analysis of Electric Machine Charateristics for Robot Eyes Using Analytical Electromagnetic Field Computation Method이주
2016-11Analysis of inductance according to the applied current in Spoke type PMSM and suggestion of driving mode이주
2017-06Analysis of Inductance According to the Applied Current in Spoke-Type PMSM and Suggestion of Driving Mode이주
2015-03Analysis of Motor Performance According to the Inductance Design of IPMSM이주
2015-03An Analytic Analysis of the Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Actuator이주
2013-01Application of co-ordinate transformation for 3-DOF motor's vector control이주
2012-07Approximate optimization for minimum torque ripple of three phase switched reluctance motor using response surface modeling이주
2016-07BLDC전동기 센서리스 제어의 위치오차 저감을 위한 알고리즘 연구이주
2016-11Bubbles and Blisters Impact on Die-Casting Cage to the Designs and Operations of Line-Start Synchronous Reluctance Motors이주
2017-06Bubbles and Blisters Impact on Diecasting Cage to the Designs and Operations of Line-Start Synchronous Reluctance Motors이주
2018-06Characteristics Analysis of Novel Outer Rotor Fan-type PMSM for Increasing Power Density이주
2014-01Characteristics Analysis of Single Phase Induction Motor via Equivalent Circuit Method and Considering Saturation Factor이주
2017-11Comparative Analysis of Magnetic Slot Wedges Design for Increasing Performance of Railway Traction Motor이주
2016-01Comparative loss analysis and efficiency performance of resonance-based PDP sustain drivers이주
2016-07Compensation Method of Position Signal Error with Misaligned Hall-Effect Sensors of BLDC Motor이주
2014-06Conceptual Design of Superconducting Linear Synchronous Motor for 600-km/h Wheel-Type Railway이주
2019-07Consequent Pole SPM의 출력특성에 대한 연구이주
2016-05Control of the Lateral Displacement Restoring Force of IRWs for Sharp Curved Driving이주
2015-09Current Control Method of WRSM in High-speed Operation Range이주