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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-11Abnormal Overcharging during Lithium–Ether Co-Intercalation in a Graphite System: Formation of Shuttling Species by the Reduction of the TFSI Anion이윤정
2018-09B-site doping effects of NdBa0.75Ca0.25Co2O5+delta double perovskite catalysts for oxygen evolution and reduction reactions이윤정
2017-12Bifunctional MnO2-Coated Co3O4 Hetero-structured Catalysts for Reversible Li-O-2 Batteries이윤정
2018-01Bimetallic Metal-Organic Frameworks as Efficient Cathode Catalysts for Li-O-2 Batteries이윤정
2015-02Biomimetic Selective Ion Transport through Graphene Oxide Membranes Functionalized with Ion Recognizing Peptides이윤정
2020-08Biotemplated Nanocomposites of Transition-Metal Oxides/Carbon Nanotubes with Highly Stable and Efficient Electrochemical Interfaces for High-Power Lithium-Ion Batteries이윤정
2015-11A carbon-free ruthenium oxide/mesoporous titanium dioxide electrode for lithium-oxygen batteries이윤정
2020-12Charge Transport Properties of Lithium Superoxide in Li-O2 batteries이윤정
2018-01Clarification of Solvent Effects on Discharge Products in Li-O-2 Batteries through a Titration Method이윤정
2013-11Cobalt-Free Nickel Rich Layered Oxide Cathodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries이윤정
2015-01Core–Shell LiFePO4/Carbon-Coated Reduced Graphene Oxide Hybrids for High-Power Lithium-Ion Battery Cathodes이윤정
2015-12Cyclic ultracapacitor for fast-charging and scalable energy storage system이윤정
2019-11Direct Observation of Carboxymethyl Cellulose and Styrene−Butadiene Rubber Binder Distribution in Practical Graphite Anodes for Li-Ion Batteries이윤정
2018-06Effect of organophosphorus compound additives for thermal stability on the positive electrolyte of a vanadium redox flow battery이윤정
2017-10Effect of Phosphate additive for thermal stability in a vanadium redox flow battery이윤정
2018-02Facilitated Water Transport through Graphene Oxide Membranes Functionalized with Aquaporin-Mimicking Peptides이윤정
2018-03Fibrous all-in-one monolith electrodes with a biological gluing layer and a membrane shell for weavable lithium-ion batteries이윤정
2018-02Flexible Lithium-Ion Batteries with High Areal Capacity Enabled by Smart Conductive Textiles이윤정
2013-12Free Standing Reduced Graphene Oxide Film Cathodes for Lithium Ion Batteries이윤정
2018-08Graphene Oxide Sieving Membrane for Improved Cycle Life in High-Efficiency Redox-Mediated Li-O-2 batteries이윤정
2012-04Graphene Sheets Stabilized on Genetically Engineered M13 Viral Templates as Conducting Frameworks for Hybrid Energy-Storage Materials이윤정
2018-07High Capacity and Fast Charge-Discharge Li4Ti5O12 Nanoflakes/TiO2 Nanotubes Composite Anode Material for Lithium Ion Batteries이윤정
2019-10High-capacitance activated bio-carbons with controlled pore size distribution for sustainable energy storage이윤정
2014-10High-Energy Layered Oxide Cathodes with Thin Shells for Improved Surface Stability이윤정
2018-03High-Rate and High-Areal-Capacity Air Cathodes with Enhanced Cycle Life Based on RuO2/MnO2 Bifunctional Electrocatalysts Supported on CNT for Pragmatic Li-O-2 Batteries이윤정
2017-01Improved electrochemical performance of a cyclic ultracapacitor using slurry electrodes under various flow conditions이윤정
2019-11In Situ Formed Ir3Li Nanoparticles as Active Cathode Material in Li−Oxygen Batteries이윤정
2022Incorporating liquid agents into powder samples as a means of improving quantitative performance of vibrational spectroscopic analysis and exploring efficient container-through Raman measurement schemes이윤정
2016-05Iron-cobalt bimetal decorated carbon nanotubes as cost-effective cathode catalysts for Li-O-2 batteries이윤정