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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-06Acoustic Emission Monitoring for AFM Nano Scratching이성환
2012-08Acoustic Emission Monitoring of AFM Nano Scratching for ductile and brittle materials이성환
2023-12-10Acoustic emission reflection signal classification of PVDF-type AE sensor using convolutional neural network-transfer learning이성환
2006-08AE를 이용한 AFM 연성 영역 가공 특성 연구이성환
2005-10AE를 이용한 AFM 연성영역 가공특성 연구이성환
2002-06AE센서를 이용한 레이저 용융절단 모니터링이성환
2008-10AFM 가공 모드 분석 및 AE 모니터링이성환
2006-12An electrical signal detection system for a microbiochip with gold nanoparticles이성환
2018-07Analysis and monitoring of mode transitions during afm nanomachining of IZO-Coated pyrex glass이성환
2014-03Analysis of Acoustic Emission Signals During Laser Spot Welding of SS304 Stainless Steel이성환
2012-10Analysis of ductile mode and brittle transition of AFM nanomachining of silicon이성환
2000-02Analysis of precision deburring using a laser - An experimental study and FEM simulation이성환
2000-01Analysis of Precision Deburring Using a Laser-An Experimental Study and FEM Simulation이성환
2023-12-14Analysis of Surface Roughness during Surface Polishing of ITO Thin Film Using Acoustic Emission Sensor Monitoring이성환
2013-08Application of optical force measurement to mode characterization of atomic force microscopy nanomachining이성환
2009-04Characterization and acoustic emission monitoring of AFM nanomachining이성환
2017-06Classification and prediction of burr formation in micro drilling of ductile metals이성환
2012-11Direct fabrication of microelectrodes on a polymer substrate using selective ultrashort pulsed laser ablation of inkjet-printed Ag lines이성환
2006-12Electric signal detection of a microfilter-based biochip for immunoassay using microbead, nanogold particle, and silver enhancement이성환
2007-11Field Emission properties of carbon nanotubes grown on a conical tungsten tip for the application of a microfocus x-ray tube이성환
2015-08The five degree of freedom stitching method of areal surface data for high precision and large area measurement이성환
2008-09In-Process Monitoring of Drilling Burr Formation using Acoustic Emission and a Wavelet-based Artificial Neural Network이성환
2013-07Investigation of the contact force distribution and dynamic behaviour of an automobile windshield wiper blade system이성환
2017-03A laminar flow-based single stack of flow-over planar microfluidic fuel cells이성환
2003-04Lateral crack in abrasive wear of brittle materials이성환
2003-04lateral cracks in abrasive wear of brittle materials이성환
2018-10Machining characteristics of IZO thin films with magnetic flux density variation in magnetic abrasive polishing이성환
2007-12Microbiochip for electrical detection of carcinoembryonic antigen using gold nanoparticles and silver enhancement이성환
2008-08Microchip -Based Multiplex Electro-Immunosensing System for the Detection of Cancer Biomarkers이성환