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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-07Anisotropic temperature effects on Landau damping in Kappa-Maxwellian astrophysical plasmas이명재
2019-01Astronomical Data of Atomic Shannon Entropies in Astrophysical Lorentzian Plasmas이명재
2019-01Atomic propensity rules in quantum plasmas이명재
2017-06Backward propagating branch of surface waves in a semi-bounded streaming plasma system이명재
2016-09Bifurcation of space-charge wave in a plasma waveguide including the wake potential effect이명재
2017-02Bohm potential effect on the propagation of electrostatic surface wave in semi-bounded quantum plasmas이명재
2018-05Branching and resonant characteristics of surface plasma waves in a semi-bounded quantum plasma including spin-current effects이명재
2018-01Broken degeneracy of low frequency surface waves in semi-bounded quantum plasmas including the quantum recoil effect이명재
2016-06Catastrophic instabilities of modified DA-DC hybrid surface waves in a semi-bounded plasma system이명재
2018-06Characteristics of ion-cyclotron surface waves in semi-bounded (r, q) distribution dusty plasmas이명재
2019-03Characteristics of lower-hybrid surface waves이명재
2020-02Characteristics of Nonthermal Dupree Diffusion on Space-Charge Wave in a Kappa Distribution Plasma Column with Turbulent Diffusion이명재
2017-09Characteristics of Polarisation in the Ramsauer-Townsend Minima in Strongly Coupled Semiclassic Plasmas이명재
2020-08Characteristics of Shannon's Information Entropy of Atomic States in Strongly Coupled Plasma이명재
2017-10Characteristics of symmetric and anti-symmetric Hasegawa modes of surface waves in a plasma slab including collisional electrons and flowing ions이명재
2015-11Characteristics of the surface plasma wave in a self-gravitating magnetized dusty plasma slab이명재
2019-08Characteristics of Thomson scattering in degenerate quantum plasmas: Quantum-recoil effect이명재
2017-10Collisional entanglement fidelities in quantum plasmas including strong quantum recoil and oscillation effects이명재
2018-04Collisional spin-oriented Sherman function in electron-hole semiconductor plasmas: Landau damping effect이명재
2017-02Dressing effects on the occurrence scattering time for dust-dust collisions in a complex plasma이명재
2015-07Dual-frequency modes of the dust acoustic surface wave in a semibounded system이명재
2015-08Dual-mode resonant instabilities of the surface dust-acoustic wave in a Lorentzian plasma slab이명재
2018-02Dust-charge fluctuation effects on surface dust-acoustic waves in astrophysical half-space dusty plasmas이명재
2020-07Effect of Coulomb Focusing on the Electron-Atom Bremsstrahlung Cross Section for Tungsten and Iron in Nonthermal Lorentzian Plasmas이명재
2014-01Effect of dust rotation on the Landau damping of dust-acoustic surface waves in a kappa plasma이명재
2016-07Effect of turbulence on the dissipation of the space-charge wave in a bounded turbulent plasma column이명재
2017-02Effects of nonlinear plasma wake field on the dust-lattice wave in complex plasmas이명재
2017-08Effects of quantum statistical pressure on the Washimi-Karpman magnetization and power radiation in degenerate quantum Fermi-Dirac plasmas이명재
2011-01Effects of Rotating Nanoparticles on the Instability of Dust-Acoustic Waves in a Plasma Containing Superthermal Electrons and Ions이명재
2018-06Eikonal-Glauber Thomas-Fermi model for atomic collisions with many-electron atoms for plasma applications이명재