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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-021기 신도시 활성화 정도 비교 연구이동윤
2013-053D co-culturing model of primary pancreatic islets and hepatocytes in hybrid spheroid to overcome pancreatic cell shortage이동윤
2013-053D co-culturing model of primary pancreatic islets and hepatocytes in hybrid spheroid to overcome pancreatic cell shortage이동윤
2012-02Amphiphilic peptides with arginine and valine residues as siRNA carriers이동윤
2017-06The anterior chamber of the eye as a site for pancreatic islet transplantation이동윤
2016-09Antiangiogenic actions of heparin derivatives for cancer therapy이동윤
2016-03Application of nanomaterials for imaging pancreatic islets이동윤
2011-07Attenuation of the in vivo toxicity of biomaterials by polydopamine surface modification이동윤
2013-07Bio-inspired catechol conjugation converts water-insoluble chitosan into a highly water-soluble, adhesive chitosan derivative for hydrogels and LbL assembly이동윤
2011-12Bio-inspired strategy for on-surface synthesis of silver nanoparticles for metal/organic hybrid nanomaterials and LDI-MS substrates이동윤
2012-01The box a domain of high mobility group box-1 protein as an efficient siRNA carrier with anti-inflammatory effects이동윤
2018-03Cell surface-camouflaged graphene oxide immunosensor for identifying immune reactions이동윤
2011-09Control of adhesion, focal adhesion assembly, and differentiation of myoblasts by enzymatically crosslinked cell-interactive hydrogels이동윤
2017-01Development of fluorescence-conjugated islet-homing peptide using biopanning for targeted optical imaging of pancreatic islet이동윤
2012-09Dexamethasone conjugation to polyamidoamine dendrimers G1 and G2 for enhanced transfection efficiency with an anti-inflammatory effect이동윤
2013-10Drug Delivery Systems for the Treatment of Ischemic Stroke이동윤
2013-03The effects of 8-arm-PEG-catechol/heparin shielding system and immunosuppressive drug, FK506 on the survival of intraportally allotransplanted islets이동윤
2013-04Effects of surface camouflaged islet transplantation on pathophysiological progression in a db/db type 2 diabetic mouse model이동윤
2019-04Electrospinning Nanofibers for Therapeutics Delivery이동윤
2015-10Encapsulation of pancreatic islet with HMGB1 fragment for attenuating inflammation이동윤
2017-08Enhanced self-renewal and accelerated differentiation of human fetal neural stem cells using graphene oxide nanoparticles이동윤
2017-11Enhancement of T-2-weighted MR contrast using heparin for cell tracking in vivo이동윤
2017-12Facile determination of sodium ion and osmolarity in artificial tears by sequential DNAzymes이동윤
2015-06Feasibility of islet magnetic resonance imaging using ferumoxytol in intraportal islet transplantation이동윤
2012-06Fluorescently Labeled Nanoparticles Enable the Detection of Stem Cell-Derived Hepatocytes이동윤
2012-05Functional enhancement of beta cells in transplanted pancreatic islets by secretion signal peptide-linked exendin-4 gene transduction이동윤
2017-12Gene delivery to pancreatic islets for effective transplantation in diabetic animal이동윤
2017-03Glucagon-like peptide-1 and glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists in the treatment of type 2 diabetes이동윤
2018-05Hemostatic Swabs Containing Polydopamine-like Catecholamine Chitosan-Catechol for Normal and Coagulopathic Animal Models이동윤
2012-06Heparin-coated superparamagnetic iron oxide for in vivo MR imaging of human MSCs이동윤