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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-06Analysis on caprock and aquifer properties related with leakage during CO˂inf˃2˂/inf˃ storage이근상
2012-07The Application of Horizontal and Vertical Well Patterns During Polymer Flood Processes in Anisotropic Reservoirs이근상
2011-08Application of Horizontal Wells to Improve Injectivity During Polymer Flood Processes이근상
2013-08Application of Horizontal Wells to Reduce Water Production during Gel Treatment이근상
2016-06Application of type curves for pressure transient analysis of multiple fractured horizontal wells in shale gas reservoirs이근상
2015-03Assessment on Synergic Potential of Hybrid Gel Treatment with Low Salinity Waterflood이근상
2013-08Assessment on the Transport of Polymeric Solution through High-Salinity Reservoirs Containing Divalent Cautions이근상
2012-10CCS 연계 이산화탄소에 의한 오일회수증진법의 잠재력과 전망이근상
2015-06CO2 WAG Process with Gel Treatment Considering Flowing Gel Viscosity in Heavy Oil Reservoir이근상
2018-05Compositional modeling and simulation of dimethyl ether (DME)-enhanced waterflood to investigate oil mobility improvement이근상
2015-09Compositional Modeling for Optimum Design of Water-Alternating CO2-LPG EOR under Complicated Wettability Conditions이근상
2016-09Compositional modeling of hybrid CO2 FOR with intermediate hydrocarbon solvents to analyze the effect of toluene on asphaltene deposition이근상
2020-06Compositional Modeling to Analyze the Effect of CH4 on Coupled Carbon Storage and Enhanced Oil Recovery Process이근상
2014-08Compositional Simulation on the Flow of Polymeric Solution Alternating CO2 through Heavy Oil Reservoir이근상
2017-04Corrosion of Carbon Steel with and without Aluminized Coating in (O, S, H)-containing Gases at 500-800oC이근상
2018-02Coupled Geomechanical-Flow Assessment of CO2 Leakage through Heterogeneous Caprock during CCS이근상
2015-11Critical Assessment of CO2 Trapping Capacity under Gravity Segregation with Capillary Heterogeneity이근상
2019-10Critical Review on the Numerical Modeling of in-situ Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery Processes이근상
2014-09Development and application of type curves for pressure transient analysis of horizontal wells in shale gas reservoirs이근상
2012-09The Development of a Generalized 3D DFN Simulator Implementing 2D Rectangular Fracture Flow이근상
2019-03Development of Coupled Biokinetic and Thermal Model to Optimize Cold-Water Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery (MEOR) in Homogenous Reservoir이근상
2013-06DFIT 자료 해석을 통한 저류층의 투과도 및 초기압력 추정이근상
2013-03DFIT을 이용한 저류층의 투과도 및 초기압력 추정에 관한 연구이근상
2020-02Effects of Aqueous Solubility and Geochemistry on CO2 Injection for Shale Gas Reservoirs이근상
2019-05Effects of Aqueous Solubility and Molecular Diffusion on CO2-Enhanced Hydrocarbon Recovery from Liquid-Rich Shale Reservoirs이근상
2019-01Effects of asphaltene deposition-derived formation damage on three-phase hysteretic models for prediction of coupled CO2 enhanced oil recovery and storage performance이근상
2019-08Effects of geochemistry and interphase transport of CO2 on hybrid carbonated low salinity waterflood to improve oil recovery and CO2 sequestration이근상
2016-03Effects of hydrocarbon solvents on simultaneous improvement in displacement and sweep efficiencies during CO2-enhanced oil recovery이근상
2014-01Effects of regional groundwater flow on the performance of an aquifer thermal energy storage system under continuous operation이근상
2018-05Effects of relative permeability change resulting from interfacial tension reduction on vertical sweep efficiency during the CO2-LPG hybrid EOR process이근상