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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-0611 kW 펌프용 인버터 Heat Sink 최적설계이관수
2015-113차원 등가 열회로망 기법을 이용한 개방형 공랭식 3상 유도전동기 열해석이관수
2018-02Adaptive defrost methods for improving defrosting efficiency of household refrigerator이관수
2012-05Analytic solution for heat transfer of wet fins on account of all nonlinearity effects이관수
2014-11Analytical tools for calculating the maximum heat transfer of annular stepped fins with internal heat generation and radiation effects이관수
2015-10An appropriate analysis for optimum design of wet fins based on modified 1-D and 2-D approaches이관수
2018-05The behavior of frost layer growth under conditions favorable for desublimation이관수
2012-12Characteristics and performance evaluation of surface-treated louvered-fin heat exchangers under frosting and wet conditions이관수
2015-12Characteristics of condensation formation on the surfaces of air conditioning indoor units이관수
2017-05Chimney가 설치된 원형 히트 싱크의 설치 각도에 따른 방열 성능이관수
2014-08Collection efficiency of round-nozzle impactors with horizontal annular inlet이관수
2012-03Combined heat and power unit capacity for high-heat to power ratio buildings without selling excess electricity to the grid이관수
2020-01Cooling performance and space efficiency improvement based on heat sink arrangement for power conversion electronics이관수
2017-10Cooling performance of a radial heat sink with triangular fins on a circular base at various installation angles이관수
2015-05Correlation of cross-cut cylindrical heat sink to improve the orientation effect of LED light bulbs이관수
2011-04Correlations and optimization of a heat exchanger with offset-strip fins이관수
2013-05Correlations and shape optimization in a channel with aligned dimples and protrusions이관수
2014-09Critical operating conditions for prevention of frost formation in fin-tube heat exchangers이관수
2011-10Decomposition method for thermal design analysis of vertical straight fins under condensation of quiescent and flowing steam이관수
2018-05Defrosting behavior and performance on vertical plate for surfaces of varying wettability이관수
2014-05Deposition of Charged Particles on a Flat Plate in Parallel Flow in the Presence of an Electric Field이관수
2015-05Determination method of defrosting start-time based on temperature measurements이관수
2015-10Differential Transform Method for Thermal Analysis of Exponential Fins under Sensible and Latent Heat Transfer이관수
2015-06Direct growth of cerium oxide nanorods on diverse substrates for superhydrophobicity and corrosion resistance이관수
2015-06An ease of analysis for optimum design of an annular step fin이관수
2016-05Effect of air-gap fans on cooling of windings in a large-capacity, high-speed induction motor이관수
2013-05The effect of arc length on the least-volume fin under sensible and latent heat loads이관수
2012-01Effect of radiation in a radial heat sink under natural convection이관수
2016-02Effects of psychrometric properties on fin performances of minimum envelope shape of wet fins이관수
2017-02Establishment of Modified-One-Dimensional and Two-Dimensional Models for Two-Directional Heat Conduction in a Wet Fin Assembly이관수