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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-043D bioprinted complex constructs reinforced by hybrid multilayers of electrospun nanofiber sheets윤종헌
2017-033D customized and flexible tactile sensor using a piezoelectric nanofiber mat and sandwich-molded elastomer sheets윤종헌
2018-09Abrasive wear in punching pin with cryogenic treatment for GPa-grade steels윤종헌
2021-12Analysis of fluorescence characteristics of Sm3+-doped B2O3-rich glasses for Orange-light-emitting diodes윤종헌
2021-11Analysis of physical and mechanical traits and nuclear radiation transmission aspects of Gallium(III) trioxide constituting Bi2O3-B2O3 glasses윤종헌
2017-08Anisotropic in-plane fatigue behavior of rolled magnesium alloy with {10-12} twins윤종헌
2020-11Artificial Neural Network for Predicting Edge Stretchability in Hole Expansion Test With Gpa-Grade Steel윤종헌
2019-11Assessment of gamma-rays and fast neutron beam attenuation features of Er2O3-doped B2O3–ZnO–Bi2O3 glasses using XCOM and simulation codes (MCNP5 and Geant4)윤종헌
2021-12Automated picking-sorting system for assembly components in IKEA chair based on the robotic vision system윤종헌
2020-02B2O3-Bi2O3-TeO2-BaO and TeO2-Bi2O3-BaO glass systems: a comparative assessment of gamma-ray and fast and thermal neutron attenuation aspects윤종헌
2020-12Binary B2O3-Bi2O3 glasses: scrutinization of directly and indirectly ionizing radiations shielding abilities윤종헌
2017-09Calibration of hoop stress in ring tensile test with Zircaloy-4 tube윤종헌
2018-04Characterization of glass viscosity with parallel plate and rotational viscometry윤종헌
2015-10Characterization of zirconium hydrides in Zircaloy-4 cladding with respect to cooling rate윤종헌
2021-01Comparative Pull-Out Performances of Cephalomedullary Nail with Screw and Helical Blade According to Femur Bone Densities윤종헌
2020-05Comparative study of gamma-ray shielding features and some properties of different heavy metal oxide-based tellurite-rich glass systems윤종헌
2020-12Decentralized convolutional neural network for evaluating spinal deformity with spinopelvic parameters윤종헌
2021-03Deep learning system for Meyerding classification and segmental motion measurement in diagnosis of lumbar spondylolisthesis윤종헌
2021-04Detailed Inspection of γ -ray, Fast and Thermal Neutrons Shielding Competence of Calcium Oxide or Strontium Oxide Comprising Bismuth Borate Glasses.윤종헌
2021-02Development and Metrological Evaluation of a Force Transducer for Industrial Application윤종헌
2021-08Dissimilar Materials Welding with a Standoff-Free Vaporizing Foil Actuator between TRIP 1180 Steel Sheets and AA5052 Alloy윤종헌
2020-02Dy3+: B2O3–Al2O3–ZnO–Bi2O3–BaO–M2O (M = Li; Na; and K) glasses: Judd–Ofelt analysis and photoluminescence investigation for WLED applications윤종헌
2020-10Dy3+: B2O3-Al2O3-ZnF2-NaF/LiF oxyfluoride glasses for cool white or day white light-emitting applications윤종헌
2018-09Dynamic deformation behavior and microstructural evolution during high-speed rolling of Mg alloy having non-basal texture윤종헌
2019-01Effect of auxetic structures on crash behavior of cylindrical tube윤종헌
2015-12Effect of Initial Grain Size on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Extruded Mg-9Al-0.6Zn Alloy윤종헌
2021-04Effect of laser patterning on axial crushing performance of cylindrical 22MnB5 tubes윤종헌
2020-05Effect of laser patterning on the material behaviour of 22MnB5 steel with induced local strengthening윤종헌
2021-10Effect of operating temperature conditions in 21-year-old insulated pipe for a district heating network윤종헌
2015-07Effect of the Extrusion Ratio on the Mechanical Properties of As-Forged Mg-8A1-0.5Zn Alloy윤종헌