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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-02Adhesion of sputter-deposited Cu/Ti film on plasma-treated polymer substrate윤종승
2015-08Advanced Concentration Gradient Cathode Material with Two-Slope for High-Energy and Safe Lithium Batteries윤종승
2014-03Advanced Na[Ni0.25Fe0.5Mn0.25]O-2/C-Fe3O4 Sodium-Ion Batteries Using EMS Electrolyte for Energy Storage윤종승
2014-02Anatase Titania Nanorods as an Intercalation Anode Material for Rechargeable Sodium Batteries윤종승
2013-09Black anatase titania enabling ultra high cycling rates for rechargeable lithium batteries윤종승
2018-12Capacity Degradation Mechanism and Cycling Stability Enhancement of AIF(3)-Coated Nanorod Gradient Na[Ni0.65Co0.08Mn0.27]O-2 Cathode for Sodium-Ion Batteries윤종승
2018-02Capacity Fading of Ni-Rich Li[NixCoyMn1-x-y]O-2 (0.6 ˂= x ˂= 0.95) Cathodes for High-Energy-Density Lithium-Ion Batteries: Bulk or Surface Degradation?윤종승
2019-12Capacity Fading of Ni-Rich NCA Cathodes: Effect of Microcracking Extent윤종승
2015-03Carbon-coated Li4Ti5O12 nanowires showing high rate capability as an anode material for rechargeable sodium batteries윤종승
2013-05Cathode Material with Nanorod Structure-An Application for Advanced High-Energy and Safe Lithium Batteries윤종승
2018-03Cation Ordering of Zr-Doped LiNiO2 Cathode for Lithium-Ion Batteries윤종승
2017-05Characterization of Sputter-Deposited LiCoO2 Thin Film Grown on NASICON-type Electrolyte for Application in All-Solid-State Rechargeable Lithium Battery윤종승
2015-07Characterization of Sputter-Deposited LiZr2(PO4)(3) Thin Film Solid Electrolyte윤종승
2011-11Clarification of enhanced ferromagnetism in Be-codoped InMnP fabricated using Mn/InP:Be bilayers grown by molecular beam epitaxy윤종승
2013-09Coalescence and Polygonization of Au Nanoparticles Embedded in Liquid-Crystalline Lipid Membrane윤종승
2012-09Coarsening of Au nanoparticles embedded in solid-supported lipid membrane at 80 degrees C under different humidity윤종승
2019-12Cobalt-Free High-Capacity Ni-Rich Layered Li[Ni0.9Mn0.1]O-2 Cathode윤종승
2016-06Comparative Study of Ni-Rich Layered Cathodes for Rechargeable Lithium Batteries: Li[Ni0.85Co0.11Al0.04]O2 and Li[Ni0.84Co0.06Mn0.09Al0.01]O2 with Two-Step Full Concentration Gradients윤종승
2013-07Comparison of the structural and electrochemical properties of layered Li[NixCoyMnz]O-2 (x=1/3, 0.5, 0.6, 0.7, 0.8 and 0.85) cathode material for lithium-ion batteries윤종승
2019-03Compositionally and structurally redesigned high-energy Ni-rich layered cathode for next-generation lithium batteries윤종승
2016-11Compositionally Graded Cathode Material with Long-Term Cycling Stability for Electric Vehicles Application윤종승
2016-09A comprehensive study of the role of transition metals in O3-type layered Na[NixCoyMnz]O-2 (x=1/3, 0.5, 0.6, and 0.8) cathodes for sodium-ion batteries윤종승
2013-12Computational modeling of proton exchange membrane fuel cells including gas-crossover behavior윤종승
2017-03Critical behavior and magnetocaloric effect of Mn4.75Ge3(Co, Fe)(0.25) alloys윤종승
2016-10Critical Role of pH Evolution of Electrolyte in the Reaction Mechanism for Rechargeable Zinc Batteries윤종승
2019-07Customizing a Li–metal battery that survives practical operating conditions for electric vehicle applications윤종승
2019-08Degradation Mechanism of Highly Ni-Rich Li[NixCoyMn1-x-y]O-2 Cathodes with x > 0.9윤종승
2019-06Degradation Mechanism of Ni-Enriched NCA Cathode for Lithium Batteries: Are Microcracks Really Critical?윤종승
2013-10Deposition of Metal Nanoparticles on Phospholipid Multilayer Membranes Modified by Gramicidin윤종승
2013-02Deposition temperature dependence of titanium oxide thin films grown by remote-plasma atomic layer deposition윤종승