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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-101983년 동해중부 지진해일의 전파특성윤성범
2002-071993년 북해도 남서외해 지진해일 전파 수치모의윤성범
2020-082012년 태풍 볼라벤에 대한 폭풍해일과 파랑 수치모의윤성범
2020-082018년 태풍 콩레이에 대한 폭풍해일과 파랑 수치모의윤성범
2004-082차원 지진해일 전파 수치모형의 분산보정윤성범
2015-07Boussinesq modeling of longshore currents in the SandyDuck experiment under directional random wave conditions윤성범
2007-10Boussinesq 방정식을 이용한 규칙파의 연파해석윤성범
2018-05A Comparison of Numerical Models with Experimental Data for Stem Waves along a Vertical Wall due to Monochromatic Waves윤성범
2001-11A Concept of Beach Protection with Submerged Breakwaters윤성범
2019-09Development of Efficient Technique to Hindcast Typhoons and Associated Waves using Numerical Weather Model윤성범
2008-03A dispersion-corrected finite element model for simulation of distant tsunamis윤성범
2007-03Dispersion-correction finite difference model for simulation of transoceanic tsunamis윤성범
2004-05Effect of higher-order bottom variation terms on the refraction of water waves in the extended mild-slope equations윤성범
2004-04Effects of breaking-induced currents on refraction-diffraction of irregular waves over submerged shoal윤성범
2017-05Improving the Performance of SWAN Modelling to Simulate Diffraction of Waves Behind Structures윤성범
2007-04Internal generation of waves on an arc in a rectangular grid system윤성범
2018-07Laboratory and numerical experiments on stem waves due to monochromatic waves along a vertical wall윤성범
2019-09Laboratory and numerical experiments on stem waves due to random waves윤성범
2000-10Nadaoka형 파동방정식을 이용한 급변수심에서의 파의 반사윤성범
2018-05Nonlinear Interaction of Unidirectional Random Waves along a Vertical Wall윤성범
2001-09A note on extension of fully dispersive weakly nonlinear wave equations for rapidly varying topography윤성범
2003-10A note on linear dispersion and shoaling properties in extended Boussinesq equations윤성범
2001-09Numerical modeling of tsunami propagation over varying water depth윤성범
2001-04Numerical simulation of coastal inundation over discontinuous topography윤성범
2002-09Numerical simulation of refraction-diffraction of waves considering breaking-induced currents윤성범
2001-04Numerical simulation of transoceanic propagation and run-up of tsunami윤성범
2008-10Propagation characteristics of historical tsunamis that attacked the east coast of Korea윤성범
2002-10Propagation of distant tsunamis over slowly varying topography윤성범
2009-10RANS방정식 모형의 내부조파를 이용한 수심방향 2차원 수치실험윤성범
2017-05Selection of Ship Evacuation Area to Construct Tsunami Emergency Action Plan윤성범