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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-012개의 독립 H.264/AVC 영상 무선 Simulcast윤동원
2019-034D-8PSK TCM 위성통신 시스템 시뮬레이터 설계 및 구현윤동원
2011-0264 Spiral QAM을 위한 비트매핑윤동원
2015-08Adaptive Beam Deactivation for Coordinated Multi-cell System with Limited Feedback윤동원
2016-04Asymptotic BER Comparison of MPSK and MDPSK in Lognormal Fading Channels윤동원
2016-10Automatic Modulation Classification in Practical Wireless Channels윤동원
2016-05Bit Error Floor of MPSK in the Presence of Phase Error윤동원
2017-06Bit error floor of multi-level phase modulation with noisy phase reference윤동원
2017-05Blind Classification of Line-Coding Schemes Based on Characteristic Features윤동원
2020-10Blind detection of interleaving parameter using Hamming weight of combined data윤동원
2016-11Blind Estimation of Block Interleaver Parameters using Statistical Characteristics윤동원
2020-04Blind Estimation of Interleaver Parameter With a Limited Number of Data윤동원
2020-10Blind estimation of interleaving parameter using soft metric윤동원
2017-02Bounds for Eigenvalues of Spatial Correlation Matrices With the Exponential Model in MIMO Systems윤동원
2019-10Circular theta-QAM: A Circle-Shaped QAM for Higher-Order Modulation윤동원
2013-11Clutter Mapping and Performance Analysis for Vehicular Radar Systems윤동원
2016-10Deep Neural Network-Based Automatic Modulation Classification Technique윤동원
2012-11Effects of Channel Estimation Error and Interference on BER in the MIMO Zero-Forcing Receiver윤동원
2011-11Effects of Multiple Antennas on Outage Performance of Decode-and-Forward Cooperative Networks with Relay Selection윤동원
2019-10Efficient method for interleaver parameter estimation in a fading channel윤동원
2020-06Enhanced bit-to-symbol mapping for M-ary θ-QAM윤동원
2018-03Enhanced Blind Interleaver Parameters Estimation Algorithm for Noisy Environment윤동원
2020-02Estimation of convolutional interleaver in a non-cooperative context윤동원
2016-04Estimation of Interleaving Period for Reed-Muller Coded Signals윤동원
2012-04Exact Error Performance Analysis of Arbitrary 2-D Modulation OFDM Systems with Carrier Frequency Offset윤동원
2011-01Exact Error Probability Analysis of Arbitrary 2-D Modulation-OFDM Systems with I/Q Imbalances윤동원
2013-12Generalized BER Expression of MPSK in the Presence of Phase Error윤동원
2018-01Generalized Moment-Based Estimation of Gamma-Gamma Fading Channel Parameters윤동원
2011-06GPS L1/갈릴레오 E1 복합신호처리를 통한 위치정확도 향상 연구윤동원
2016-12Improved FH Acquisition Scheme in Partial-Band Noise Jamming윤동원