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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-12Adaptive Matching Transmitter With Dual-Band Antenna for Intraoral Tongue Drive System유형석
2018-05Application of a Compact Electromagnetic Bandgap Array in a Phone Case for Suppression of Mobile Phone Radiation Exposure유형석
2020-04Assessing Human Exposure With Medical Implants to Electromagnetic Fields From a Wireless Power Transmission System in an Electric Vehicle유형석
2013-12B1 field comparison for RF coils in ultra-high field MRI유형석
2016-09Combined RF coils for brain imaging at 7 T with receive and transmit resonators유형석
2019-06Compact and Flexible Novel Wideband Flower-Shaped CPW-Fed Antennas for High Data Wireless Applications유형석
2020-03Compact and Flexible Wideband Antenna for Intraoral Tongue-Drive System for People With Disabilities유형석
2020-08Compacted Conformal Implantable Antenna With Multitasking Capabilities for Ingestible Capsule Endoscope유형석
2019-06Design and Analysis of a Compact-Sized Multiband Spiral-Shaped Implantable Antenna for Scalp Implantable and Leadless Pacemaker Systems유형석
2016-04Design of a Loop Resonator with a Split-Ring-Resonator (SRR) for a Human-body Coil in 3 T MRI Systems유형석
2020-05Development of 60-GHz millimeter wave, electromagnetic bandgap ground planes for multiple-input multiple-output antenna applications유형석
2020-10A Dual-Circular-Polarized Endoscopic Antenna With Wideband Characteristics and Wireless Biotelemetric Link Characterization유형석
2020-05Efficient Wireless Power Transfer System With a Miniaturized Quad-Band Implantable Antenna for Deep-Body Multitasking Implants유형석
2013-07Fast B1 field localisation in high-field MRI systems유형석
2019-09Fully Printed, Wireless, Stretchable Implantable Biosystem toward Batteryless, Real-Time Monitoring of Cerebral Aneurysm Hemodynamics유형석
2013-02Innovative design of implanted medical lead to reduce MRI-induced scattered electric fields유형석
2019-09A Metamaterial-Coupled Wireless Power Transfer System Based on Cubic High-Dielectric Resonators유형석
2020-02Metamaterial-Loaded Compact High-Gain Dual-Band Circularly Polarized Implantable Antenna System for Multiple Biomedical Applications유형석
2012-12A Method to Localize RF B1 Field in High-Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging Systems유형석
2016-06Miniaturised dual-band implantable antenna for wireless biotelemetry유형석
2019-09Miniaturized Dual Band Antennas for Intra-Oral Tongue Drive System in the ISM Bands 433 MHz and 915 MHz: Design, Safety, and Link Budget Considerations유형석
2020-02A Miniaturized Dual-Band Implantable Antenna System for Medical Applications유형석
2019-02A Miniaturized Novel-Shape Dual-Band Antenna for Implantable Applications유형석
2018-12A Miniaturized Triple-Band Implantable Antenna System for Bio-Telemetry Applications유형석
2016-04Multi-Band Antenna System for Skin Implant유형석
2017-07A Multiband Antenna Associating Wireless Monitoring and Nonleaky Wireless Power Transfer System for Biomedical Implants유형석
2014-03A Novel RF Resonator for Human-body MRI at 3 T유형석
2013-06Plane wave scattering induced resonant modes of cubic resonator유형석
2020-07Radiative Near-Field Wireless Power Transfer to Scalp-Implantable Biotelemetric Device유형석