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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002-11Adsorption and Desorption Characteristics of Air on Zeolite 5A, 10X, and 13X Fixed Beds유한규
2002-07Adsorption Equilibria of Toluene and Gasoline Vapors on Activated Carbon유한규
2003-05Assessment of junction strength of geogrids by a multi-junction test method유한규
2002-08Assessment of long-term performances of polyester geogrids by accelerated creep test유한규
2003-10Assessments of long-term filtration performance of degradable prefabricated geotextile drains유한규
2007-09Behavior of Composite Ground Reinforced by Sand Compaction Piles유한규
2019-11Classification of Factors Affecting the Performance of Fully Grouted Rock Bolts with Empirical Classification Systems유한규
2002-04Diffusion Mechanism of N₂and CH₄in pelletized Zeolite 4A, 5A and CaX유한규
2018-12An Empirical Approach for Tunnel Support Design through Q and RMi Systems in Fractured Rock Mass유한규
2018-05Empirical Evaluation of Rock Mass Rating and Tunneling Quality Index System for Tunnel Support Design유한규
2008-01Evaluation of Clay Added Nonwovens as Filter in Waste Landfill유한규
2007-12Evaluation of Pullout and Drainage Properties of Geosynthetic Reinforcements in Weathered Granite Backfill Soils유한규
2021-06Expanded Longitudinal Deformation Profile in Tunnel Excavations Considering Rock Mass Conditions via 3D Numerical Analyses유한규
2019-03Extension of tunneling quality index and rock mass rating systems for tunnel support design through back calculations in highly stressed jointed rock mass: An empirical approach based on tunneling data from Himalaya유한규
2019-02Geological and geomechanical heterogeneity in deep hydropower tunnels: A rock burst failure case study유한규
2021-02Ground Saturation Response During First Filling of Lined Pressure Tunnels: A Case Study유한규
2020-10Ground Stability Analysis in Non-Open-Cut Tunneling Method Using Small-Diameter Steel Pipe Piles유한규
2021-02Impact of Construction Method and Ground Composition on Headrace Tunnel Stability in the Neelum-Jhelum Hydroelectric Project: A Case Study Review from Pakistan유한규
2018-07Impact of Shear Zone on Rockburst in the Deep Neelum-Jehlum Hydropower Tunnel: A Numerical Modeling Approach유한규
2020-05Numerical evaluation of new Austrian tunneling method excavation sequences: A case study유한규
2018-07Performance Assessment of a Developed Brake Frame Based on the Application of a Proposed Equivalent Model in a Net Protection System for Debris Flow유한규
2020-07Pre-cutting 공법을 적용한 터널 확폭 시 기존 및 확폭터널의 거동에 관한 수치해석적 연구유한규
2015-09Prediction of ground load by performing back analysis using composite support model in concrete lining design유한규
2018-08Prediction of transverse settlement trough considering the combined effects of excavation and groundwater depression유한규
2018-04Proposing allowable volume loss caused by the combined effects of excavation and groundwater depression for risk management of adjacent buildings유한규
2017-08Proposing feasible borehole spacing in non-vibrational rock splitting method using discrete element modeling유한규
2018-02REV Application in DEM Analysis of Non-Vibrational Rock Splitting Method to Propose Feasible Borehole Spacing유한규
2018-08Review of Rock-Mass Rating and Tunneling Quality Index Systems for Tunnel Design: Development, Refinement, Application and Limitation유한규
2019-06Static and Dynamic Influence of the Shear Zone on Rockburst Occurrence in the Headrace Tunnel of Neelum Jhelum Hydropower Project, Pakistan유한규
2017-08Stress reduction factor characterization for highly stressed jointed rock based on tunneling data from Pakistan유한규