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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-04A Glucose Sensor Fabricated by Piezoelectric Inkjet Printing of Conducting Polymers and Bienzymes유봉영
2011-12A novel electropolymerization method for Ppy nanowire-based NH3 gas sensor with low contact resistance유봉영
2012-05Annealing effects on electrical and optical properties of ZnO thin films synthesized by the electrochemical method유봉영
2013-02Backcontact CdSe/CdTe windowless solar cells유봉영
2022-07Capacitive humidity sensing properties of freestanding bendable porous SiO2/Si thin films유봉영
2018-09Characteristics of Electroless Sn Plating Electrolyte using a Choline Chloride-Based Ionic Liquid유봉영
2011-05Characterization and Stability of Liposome-Enveloped Trypsin/Fe3O4 for Drug Delivery and Drug Release Behavior유봉영
2009-08Characterization of plasma electrolytic oxide formed on AZ91 Mg alloy in KMnO4 electrolyte유봉영
2018-02Charge Transfer Kinetics of Photo-Electrochemical Hydrogen Evolution Improved by Nonstoichiometric Ni-rich NiOx-Coated Si Photocathode in Alkaline Electrolyte유봉영
2018-04Cobalt Iron-Phosphorus Synthesized by Electrodeposition as Highly Active and Stable Bifunctional Catalyst for Full Water Splitting유봉영
2008-12Construction of Micro-Patterned Polymer Structures by Piezoelectric Inkjet Printing유봉영
2023-05Copper-to-Copper Direct Bonding Process Using Current-Induced Enhancement Method유봉영
2022-12Corrosion Behavior in RC Member with Different Cover Depths under Cyclic Chloride Ingress Conditions for 2 Years유봉영
2018-06Corrosion mitigation of steel rebars in chloride contaminated concrete pore solution using inhibitor: An electrochemical investigation유봉영
2009-09Corrosion resistance of oxide layers formed on AZ91 Mg alloy in KMnO4 electrolyte by plasma electrolytic oxidation유봉영
2022-03Cu Electrochemical Polishing for RDL Process of FOWLP and Effects of Cu Overburden Profiles유봉영
2021-02Cu to Cu direct bonding at low temperature with high density defect in electrodeposited Cu유봉영
2021-01Design Optimization of Selective Lithium Leaching of Cathodic Active Materials from Spent Lithium-Ion Batteries Based on the Taguchi Method유봉영
2015-03Designed two-step morphological transformation: a new strategy to synthesize uniform metalloporphyrin-containing coordination polymer particles유봉영
2009-12Development of large area CoNi alloy electrodeposition process for stress free electroforming mold유봉영