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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-07Absolute Bandwidth Scheduling via Group-based Partitioned Proportional Share Scheduling and Dynamic Weight Management on Varying-Speed Multiprocessors유민수
2012-05AUTOSAR 기반 소프트웨어의 실시간성 보장을 위한 태스크와 메시지의 우선순위 지정 방법유민수
2012-11AUTOSAR 기반 BSW 모듈 확장을 위한 BSW 스케쥴러와 인터럽트 핸들러 분석 및 적용 방법유민수
2017-02Best Speed Fit EDF Scheduling for Performance Asymmetric Multiprocessors유민수
2021-01Concordia: A streamlined consensus protocol for blockchain networks유민수
2012-11CPS(Cyber-Physical Systems) 신뢰성 향상을 위한 소프트웨어 기반 오류 진단/복구 기법유민수
2013-06CPS의 Soft Error 극복을 위한 소프트웨어 기반 오류 감지 및 복구 기법유민수
2018-04Debugging Nondeterministic Failures in Linux Programs through Replay Analysis유민수
2016-01EDZL Scheduling and Schedulability Analysis for Performance Asymmetric Multiprocessors유민수
2020-03Fast Journaling Made Simple with NVM유민수
2015-08Fine-Motion Estimation Using Ego/Exo-Cameras유민수
2014-07Fixed Share Scheduling via Dynamic Weight Adjustment in Proportional Share Scheduling Systems유민수
2015-08Guaranteeing end-to-end deadlines for AUTOSAR-based automotive software유민수
2014-09HOTDOL: HTML Obfuscation with Text Distribution to Overlapping Layers유민수
2013-07Lag-based Load Balancing for Linux-based Multiprocessor Systems유민수
2014-02Link-Based Similarity Measures Using Reachability Vectors유민수
2014-07Model-based Automated Testing using a Record-Replay Mechanism유민수
2016-03Model-based Replay Testing for Event-driven Software유민수
2015-07Multiprocessor MMIO Tracing via Memory Protection and a Shadow Page Table유민수
2015-07Optimized projection patterns for stereo systems유민수
2019-02Pay Migration Tax to Homeland: Anchor-based Scalable Reference Counting for Multicores유민수
2014-09Performance Evaluation of the SSD-based Swap System for Big Data Processing유민수
2015-07Proportional Share Scheduling employing Performance-aware Virtual Time in Multiprocessor Systems유민수
2014-10Real-Time Priority Assignment for AUTOSAR-based Systems with Time-Driven Synchronization유민수
2014-01A Sequentializing Device Driver for Optimizing Random Write Performance of eSSD유민수
2011-06SMP(Symmetric Multiprocessing) 커널과 마스터-슬레이브 커널 구조의 시스템콜 성능 비교유민수
2011-06Software Product Families 을 위한 Variability 관리 방법과 도구에 관한 연구유민수
2013-05Software-Based Fault Detection and Recovery for Cyber-Physical Systems유민수
2014-10TASEL: Dynamic Taint Analysis with Selective Control Dependency유민수
2013-05Understanding and Extending AUTOSAR BSW for Custom Functionality Implementation유민수