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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-03Abiotic tooth enamel염봉준
2016-03Biomimetic Hierarchical Assembly of Helical Supraparticles from Chiral Nanoparticles염봉준
2017-04Birefringence-Induced Modulation of Optical Activity in Chiral Plasmonic Helical Arrays염봉준
2017-09Branched Aramid Nanofibers염봉준
2020-04Cesium ion-exchange resin using sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate for binding to Prussian blue염봉준
2016-02Chiral Graphene Quantum Dots염봉준
2013-11Chiral Plasmonic Nanostructures on Achiral Nanopillars염봉준
2019-01A conducting composite microfiber containing graphene/silver nanowires in an agarose matrix with fast humidity sensing ability염봉준
2017-07Conductive Thin Films Composed of Silver Nanowires and Poly(acrylic acid) Prepared by Layer-by-Layer Assembly염봉준
2019-07Controlled Fabrication of 3D Chiral Microwrinkles via Asymmetrical and Biaxial Bucklings염봉준
2014-08Effect of soft segment and clay volume fraction on rate dependent damping of polyurethane and polyurethane-clay nanocomposites염봉준
2016-05Enhancement of fracture toughness in organic/inorganic hybrid nanolaminates with ultrathin adhesive layers염봉준
2016-06Enzyme-assisted growth of nacreous CaCO3/polymer hybrid nanolaminates via the formation of mineral bridges염봉준
2021-02Fabrication of Chiral Materials in Nano- and Microscale염봉준
2019-02Layer-by-layer assembly for ultrathin energy-harvesting films: Piezoelectric and triboelectric nanocomposite films염봉준
2018-02Layer-by-Layer Assembly of -Casein Amyloid Fibrils for the Preparation of Hollow Microcapsules염봉준
2020-02A Metal‐Like Conductive Elastomer with a Hierarchical Wrinkled Structure염봉준
2019-12Multiple Transfer of Layer-by-Layer Nanofunctional Films by Adhesion Controls염봉준
2016-02Multiscale deformations lead to high toughness and circularly polarized emission in helical nacre-like fibres염봉준
2014-03NANOPARTICLE SELF-ASSEMBLY A loop of two rods염봉준