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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-073상 유도 전동기에서의 열손실 사상법을 이용한 열전달-전자기장 연계 수치 해석 모델 개발엄석기
2015-07Application of path-percolation theory and Lattice-Boltzmann method to investigate structure-property relationships in porous media엄석기
2016-02A combined path-percolation - Lattice-Boltzmann model applied to multiphase mass transfer in porous media엄석기
2019-08Comprehensive statistical analysis of heterogeneous transport characteristics in multifunctional porous gas diffusion layers using lattice Boltzmann method for fuel cell applications엄석기
2018-04Computational prediction of nanoscale transport characteristics and catalyst utilization in fuel cell catalyst layers by the lattice Boltzmann method엄석기
2016-05Development and Performance Investigation on a 60kW Induction Motor for EV Propulsion엄석기
2013-04Electrical and thermal transport properties of vanadium oxide thin films on metallic bipolar plates for fuel cell applications엄석기
2014-08Electrothermal effects of advanced electromagnetic materials on electrical loss and thermal characteristics of synchronous rotational machines엄석기
2014-03An engineering approach to optimal metallic bipolar plate designs reflecting gas diffusion layer compression effects엄석기
2011-12An experimental feasibility study of vanadium oxide films on metallic bipolar plates for the cold start enhancement of fuel cell vehicles엄석기
2020-02Hydrothermal Synthesis of Cobalt Ruthenium Sulfides as Promising Pseudocapacitor Electrode Materials엄석기
2016-07Integrated Statistical and Nano-Morphological Study of Effective Catalyst Utilization in Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotube Catalyst Layers for Advanced Fuel Cell Applications엄석기
2019-06Interfacial transport characteristics between heterogeneous porous composite media for effective mass transfer in fuel cells엄석기
2018-06L-cysteine-assisted synthesis of ruthenium sulfide/thermally reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites: Promising electrode materials for high-performance energy storage applications엄석기
2013-12Modification of electrical and surface properties of V2O3 multilayer films on resin-impregnated highly oriented pyrolytic graphite composite substrates by shrinkage stress relaxation with chemical additives엄석기
2016-07Multidisciplinary approaches to metallic bipolar plate design with bypass flow fields through deformable gas diffusion media of polymer electrolyte fuel cells엄석기
2016-02Nano-structural Analysis of Effective Transport Paths in Fuel-cell Catalyst Layers by Using Stochastic Material Network Methods엄석기
2020-02Nanoscale morphological investigation into surface coverage of platinum catalysts by ionomers on vertically aligned carbon nanotube fuel cell catalyst layers엄석기
2019-09Nanoscale transport characteristics and catalyst utilization of vertically aligned carbon nanotube catalyst layers for fuel cell applications: Comprehensive stochastic modeling of composite morphological structures엄석기
2020-09Numerical Development of Concentric Cylinder-Shaped Dual-Functional Catalyst Structure for Enhanced Charge Transport in Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells엄석기
2016-05Preparation and characterization of graphene-based vanadium oxide composite semiconducting films with horizontally aligned nanowire arrays엄석기
2012-08Rapid synthesis of Pt-based alloy/carbon nanotube catalysts for a direct methanol fuel cell using flash light irradiation엄석기
2016-06Statistical prediction of fuel cell catalyst effectiveness: Quasi-random nano-structural analysis of carbon sphere-supported platinum catalysts엄석기
2017-02Structural and low temperature electrical transport properties of Mo-doped vanadium oxide NTC ceramic thin films엄석기
2017-01Sub-zero temperature thermo-electrochemical energy harvesting system using a self-heating negative temperature coefficient CNT-vanadium oxide cathode엄석기
2016-05Synthesis, characterization, and transport properties of single-layer pure and molybdenum-doped vanadium oxide thin films on metallic conductive substrates엄석기
2014-12Thermo-Electrical Properties of Composite Semiconductor Thin Films Composed of Nanocrystalline Graphene-Vanadium Oxides엄석기
2020-08Thermofluidic analysis of interior permanent magnet synchronous motors with internal air circulation by protrusion-shaped flow inducers for effective thermal management엄석기
2013-05구동 조건 변화에 따른 동기 전동기의 성능 손실 및 내부 열전달 특성엄석기
2013-05다공성 가스확산층의 국부적 변형을 고려한 금속 분리판 내 사행 유로 통합 전산 해석엄석기