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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-02Antecedents and Mediating Mechanisms of Proactive Behavior: Application of the Theory of Planned Behavior신유형
2020-06Are we in-sync? The role of employee-supervisor pacing fit in employee work outcomes신유형
2017-10Can Misfit Be a Motivator of Helping and Voice Behaviors? Role of Leader-Follower Complementary Fit in Helping and Voice Behaviors신유형
2012-06CEO Ethical Leadership, Ethical Climate, Climate Strength, and Collective Organizational Citizenship Behavior신유형
2015-08Collective efficacy as a mediator between cooperative group norms and group positive affect and team creativity신유형
2015-01Convergent perceptions of organizational efficacy among team members and positive work outcomes in organizational teams신유형
2013-08Cross-level interactions of individual trait positive affect, group trait positive affect, and group positive affect diversity신유형
2017-04Does Leader-Follower Regulatory Fit Matter? The Role of Regulatory Fit in Followers' Organizational Citizenship Behavior신유형
2016-04Does Team Culture Matter? Roles of Team Culture and Collective Regulatory Focus in Team Task and Creative Performance신유형
2014-12A Duration Approach to High-Tech Industry: An Evidence from the Rigid Hard Disk Drive Industry신유형
2020-01The Effect of the Congruence between Job Characteristics and Personality on Job Crafting신유형
2011-03Effects of gender similarity on relationships between person-group value fit and work attitudes신유형
2013-05How Does Corporate Ethics Contribute to Firm Financial Performance?: The Mediating Role of Collective Organizational Commitment and Organizational Citizenship Behavior신유형
2020-08How does daily performance affect next-day emotional labor? The mediating roles of evening relaxation and next-morning positive affect신유형
2018-11How job crafting enhance work engagement? The effect of role ambiguity and ICT presenteeism신유형
2020-06How Managers' Job Crafting Reduces Turnover Intention: The Mediating Roles of Role Ambiguity and Emotional Exhaustion신유형
2019-08Interteam Cooperation and Competition and Boundary Activities: The Cross-Level Mediation of Team Goal Orientations신유형
2019-08Linking flight attendants' job crafting and OCB from a JD-R perspective: A daily analysis of the mediation of job resources and demands신유형
2019-05A Motivational Perspective on Job Insecurity: Relationships Between Job Insecurity, Intrinsic Motivation, and Performance and Behavioral Outcomes신유형
2015-08Multi-level Longitudinal Dynamics Between Procedural Justice and Interpersonal Helping in Organizational Teams신유형
2016-01A multilevel study of supportive leadership and individual work outcomes: The mediating roles of team cooperation, job satisfaction, and team commitment신유형
2017-08Organizational virtuousness perceptions and task crafting The mediating roles of organizational identification and work engagement신유형
2015-05Person-Group Fit: Diversity Antecedents, Proximal Outcomes, and Performance at the Group Level신유형
2014-07Positive Group Affect and Team Creativity: Mediation of Team Reflexivity and Promotion Focus신유형
2019-03Positive Group Affective Tone and Team Creative Performance and Change-Oriented Organizational Citizenship Behavior: A Moderated Mediation Model신유형
2017-10Reflection Toward Creativity: Team Reflexivity as a Linking Mechanism Between Team Goal Orientation and Team Creative Performance신유형
2011-05Role of face-to-face and computer-mediated communication time in the cohesion and performance of mixed-mode groups신유형
2020-03Supervisor incivility and employee job performance: The mediating roles of job insecurity and amotivation신유형
2017-10Task Characteristics and Work Engagement: Exploring Effects of Role Ambiguity and ICT Presenteeism신유형
2014-06Team Proactivity as a Linking Mechanism between Team Creative Efficacy, Transformational Leadership, and Risk-Taking Norms and Team Creative Performance신유형