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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-06The 2019 MRV challenge: turbulent flow through a U-bend송시몬
2014-09Analog feedback in Euglena-based neural network computing - Enhancing solution-search capability through reaction threshold diversity among cells송시몬
2016-04Autonomous oscillation/separation of cell density artificially induced by optical interlink feedback as designed interaction between two isolated microalgae chips송시몬
2015-05Autonomous Pattern Formation of Micro-organic Cell Density with Optical Interlink between Two Isolated Culture Dishes송시몬
2018-11Behavior of Euglena gracilis under simultaneous competing optical and chemical stimuli송시몬
2020-04Behavior of the Density Interface of Helium Stratification by an Impinging Jet송시몬
2018-09Bio-inspired neurocomputing with 256 noise oscillators simulating photo response of Euglena cells송시몬
2019-04Development of a Paper-Based Viscometer for Blood Plasma Using Colorimetric Analysis송시몬
2019-04Development of custom-made RF coil for magnetic resonance velocimeter with a high spatial resolution송시몬
2014-09Dual-mode on-demand droplet routing in multiple microchannels using a magnetic fluid as carrier phase송시몬
2015-11Effects of design parameters on cavitation in a solenoid valve for an electric vehicle braking system and design optimization송시몬
2012-10Effects of multiple electrode pairs on the performance of a micromixer using dc-biased ac electro-osmosis송시몬
2017-06Estimation of the thermocapillary force and its applications to precise droplet control on a microfluidic chip송시몬
2013-01Euglena-based neurocomputing with two-dimensional optical feedback on swimming cells in micro-aquariums송시몬
2015-08Facile and precise flow control for a paper-based microfluidic device through varying paper permeability송시몬
2014-12Facile moldless fabrication of disk-shaped and reed blood cell-like microparticles using photopolymerization of tripropylene glycol diacrylate송시몬
2015-05Flow characterization of electroconvective micromixer with a nanoporous polymer membrane in-situ fabricated using a laser polymerization technique송시몬
2019-07Flow visualization and noise measurement of R410A two-phase flow near electric expansion valve for heating cycle of multi-split air-source heat pump송시몬
2013-10Gas/liquid sensing via chemotaxis of Euglena cells confined in an isolated micro-aquarium송시몬
2016-02Glassy photonic inks encapsulated in core shell microcapsules for local electric field sensors송시몬
2012-04Hierarchical and Multifunctional Three-Dimensional Network of Carbon Nanotubes for Microfluidic Applications송시몬
2011-12Implementation of Microbe-Based Neurocomputing with Euglena Cells Confined in Micro-Aquariums송시몬
2019-10Internal-Flow-Mediated, Tunable 1D Cassie-to-Wenzel Wetting Transition on Superhydrophobic Microcavity Surfaces during Evaporation송시몬
2011-04Magnetic Resonance Velocimetry를 이용한 열교환기 주변 3차원 유동가시화송시몬
2018-05Mathematical model for mixing in a paper-based channel and applications to the generation of a concentration gradient송시몬
2014-05Microchip IEF와 fluorescent nanoprobe를 이용한 인산화 효소 활동 분석송시몬
2013-12Microfluidic Chip를 이용한 PDA Bead 열 감응 센서 개발송시몬
2012-05Microfluidic Gas Sensing with Living Microbial Cells Confined in A Microaquarium송시몬
2013-01Microfluidic Gas Sensing with Living Microbial Cells Confined in A Microaquarium송시몬