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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-10All-solid-state spatial light modulator with independent phase and amplitude control for three-dimensional LiDAR applications송석호
2012-04Analytic Theory of the Resonance Properties of Metallic Nanoslit Arrays송석호
2019-01CMOS-compatible Si metasurface at visible wavelengths prepared by low-temperature green laser annealing송석호
2015-12Critical field enhancement of asymptotic optical bound states in the continuum송석호
2015-05A deep subwavelength cavity formed by total external reflection of surface plasmon polariton송석호
2020-08Direct observation of time-asymmetric breakdown of the standard adiabaticity around an exceptional point송석호
2017-10Electrically tunable binary phase Fresnel lens based on a dielectric elastomer actuator송석호
2014-09Experimental observation of a practical limit on enhancement of the spontaneous emission rate in blue GaN-LEDs by mediating surface plasmons송석호
2014-08Experimental observation of electroluminescence enhancement on green LEDs mediated by surface plasmons송석호
2017-01Extremely broadband, on-chip optical nonreciprocity enabled by mimicking nonlinear anti-adiabatic quantum jumps near exceptional points송석호
2011-08Fabrication of Large Plasmonic Arrays of Gold Nanocups Using Inverse Periodic Templates송석호
2014-03FDTD simulation of transmittance characteristics of one-dimensional conducting electrodes송석호
2015-05Gain-assisted critical coupling for high-performance coherent perfect absorbers송석호
2011-07Mapping Surface-Plasmon Polaritons and Cavity Modes in Extraordinary Optical Transmission송석호
2011-06Mapping Surface-Plasmon Polaritons and Cavity Modes in Extraordinary Optical Transmission송석호
2012-12Measurement and Modeling of a Complete Optical Absorption and Scattering by Coherent Surface Plasmon-Polariton Excitation Using a Silver Thin-Film Grating송석호
2020-10Metasurface-driven OLED displays beyond 10,000 pixels per inch송석호
2017-04Multiple p-n junction subwavelength gratings for transmission-mode electro-optic modulators송석호
2019-02Nanofabrication of plasmonic structures on insulating substrates by resist-on-metal bilayer lift-off송석호
2018-01Nanophotonic identification of defects buried in three-dimensional NAND flash memory devices송석호
2018-06Observation of an anti-PT-symmetric exceptional point and energy-difference conserving dynamics in electrical circuit resonators송석호
2016-07Observation of exceptional points in reconfigurable non-Hermitian vector-field holographic lattices송석호
2014-10Optimal design of green InGaN/GaN LEDs mediated by surface-plasmon gratings송석호
2015-04Parity-time-symmetry breaking in double-slab surface-plasmon-polariton waveguides송석호
2015-09Plasmonic gain in long-range surface plasmon polariton waveguides bounded symmetrically by dye-doped polymer송석호
2012-11Polarization-extinction-based detection of DNA hybridization in situ using a nanoparticle wire-grid polarizer송석호
2018-10Quantum plasmonic sensing using single photons송석호
2014-06A semiconductor metasurface with multiple functionalities: A polarizing beam splitter with simultaneous focusing ability송석호
2015-07Single-mode lasers and parity-time symmetry broken gratings based on active dielectric-loaded long-range surface plasmon polariton waveguides송석호
2011-10Surface-plasmon mediated total absorption of light into silicon송석호