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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-02Au(111) 표면위에 흡착된 싸이클로헥산싸이올 분자의 치환에 의한 방향족싸이올 단분자막의 구조제어성태현
2018-08A Bending-Type Piezoelectric Energy Harvester with a Displacement-Amplifying Mechanism for Smart Highways성태현
2013-05Current Harmonics Loss Analysis of 150-kW Traction Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Through Co-Analysis of d-q Axis Current Control and Finite Element Method성태현
2014-12Design and optimization of piezoelectric impact-based micro wind energy harvester for wireless sensor network성태현
2016-04Design of a multi-array piezoelectric energy harvester for a wireless switch성태현
2013-09Design of a New Piezoelectric Energy Harvester Based on Secondary Impact성태현
2014-08Design of an impact-type piezoelectric energy harvesting system for increasing power and durability of piezoelectric ceramics성태현
2017-05Design of hydro electromagnetic and piezoelectric energy harvesters for a smart water meter system성태현
2018-09Design of optimized cantilever form of a piezoelectric energy harvesting system for a wireless remote switch성태현
2015-06Design of piezoelectric energy harvester with additional springs for varying stiffness of module성태현
2013-09Design of Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting System by Magnetic Force-Controlled Resonance Frequency성태현
2017-04Design of piezoelectric ocean-wave energy harvester using sway movement성태현
2016-04Design Optimization of PZT-Based Piezoelectric Cantilever Beam by Using Computational Experiments성태현
2013-04Designing a piezoelectric energy harvesting system for the superconductor Maglev성태현
2015-06Designing and manufacturing a piezoelectric tile for harvesting energy from footsteps성태현
2019-12Development of a pavement block piezoelectric energy harvester for selfpowered walkway applications성태현
2011-10Development of DA-type polymers with phthalimide derivatives as electron withdrawing units and a promising strategy for the enhancement of photovoltaic properties성태현
2011-11Effect of the structural properties on the energy density of Pb(Zr(0.47)Ti(0.53))O(3)-Pb[(Ni(0.6)Zn(0.4))(1/3)Nb(2/3)]O(3) ceramics성태현
2013-10Effective Piezoelectric Area for Hitting-Type Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting System성태현
2011-08Effects of surface morphology on retention loss of ferroelectric domains in poly(vinylidenefluoride-co-trifluoroethylene) thin films성태현
2013-10Energy Harvesting Characteristics from Water Flow by Piezoelectric Energy Harvester Device Using Cr/Nb Doped Pb(Zr,Ti)O-3 Bimorph Cantilever성태현
2014-08Energy harvesting characteristics of unimorph cantilever generator using 0.69Pb(Zr0.47Ti0.53)O3-0.31Pb(Ni0.6Zn0.4)13Nb23)O3 + 0.5 mol% CuO (PZCN) thick films under various sintering conditions성태현
2012-09Enforcement of Levitation Force by Capturing Magnetic Flux between YBa2Cu3O7-x Superconductor Bulk and Permanent Magnet성태현
2020-04Enhanced energy-generation performance of a landfilled road-capable piezoelectric harvester to scavenge energy from passing vehicles성태현
2012-05Enhancement of critical current density of liquid-infiltration-processed Y-Ba-Cu-O bulk superconductors using milled Y2BaCuO5 powder성태현
2015-05Enhancing the dielectric property of 0.69PZT-0.31PZNN thick films by optimizing the poling condition성태현
2014-12Establishment of the Evaluation Standard and the Analysis Technique for the Tip Mass Method in Piezoelectric Energy - harvesting Systems성태현
2013-12Fabrication of Vertically Aligned Ferroelectric Polyvinylidene Fluoride Mesoscale Rod Arrays성태현
2014-02Facile Preparation of Ferroelectric Poly(Vinylidene Fluoride-co-Trifluoroethylene) Thick Films by Solution Casting성태현
2017-04Feasibility study of impact-based piezoelectric road energy harvester for wireless sensor networks in smart highways성태현