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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-06The Analysis of EOR Effect by In-situ CO2 Generated During Steam Injection in Heavy Oil Carbonate Reservoir성원모
2011-09The Analysis of Gas Productivity by the Influence of Condensation Bank near Well성원모
2016-08Analysis of Hydraulic Fracture Propagating Performance with Geomechanical Characteristics in Naturally Fractured Shale Formations성원모
2016-06Analysis of methane recovery through CO2-N-2 mixed gas injection considering gas diffusion phenomenon in coal seam성원모
2013-06Analysis of oil flow in fractured oil reservoir using carbondioxide (CO2) foam injection성원모
2013-03Analysis of Oil Production Behavior for the Fractured Basement Reservoir Using Hybrid Discrete Fractured Network Approach성원모
2011-09The Analysis of Productivity with Condensate Bank Phenomena Near Well성원모
2015-04Analysis of Sorption-Induced Permeability Reduction Considering Gas Diffusion Phenomenon in Coal Seam Reservoir성원모
2011-02Analytical study on the optimum design of producing well to increase oil production at severe cold regions성원모
2020-07Application of an artificial neural network in predicting the effectiveness of trapping mechanisms on CO2 sequestration in saline aquifers성원모
2016-06CO2 Plume Migration with Gravitational, Viscous, and Capillary Forces in Saline Aquifers성원모
2016-03Core Flooding of Complex Nanoscale Colloidal Dispersions for Enhanced Oil Recovery by in Situ Formation of Stable Oil-in-Water Pickering Emulsions성원모
2016-06Deconvolution for Pressure-interfered Production Data of Multiple Shale Gas Wells Containing Sorption Characteristics성원모
2012-09The Development of a Generalized 3D DFN Simulator Implementing 2D Rectangular Fracture Flow성원모
2012-10The effect of aquifer condition on methane recovery for CO2 injection in coalbed성원모
2012-04The Effect of Aquifer Condition on Methane Recovery for CO2 Injection in Coalbed성원모
2018-07The effect of capillary-trapped CO2 on oil recovery and CO2 sequestration during the WAG process성원모
2011-11The Effect of CO2-CH4 Sorption Phenomena on Methane Recovery of Coalbed Methane성원모
2016-01Effect of gravity segregation on CO2 sequestration and oil production during CO2 flooding성원모
2017-01Effect of heterogeneity variation on the oil recovery performance in CO2-WAG process성원모
2014-07Effect of Miscibility Condition for CO2 Flooding on Gravity Drainage in 2D Vertical System성원모
2015-05Effect of polymer concentration on the polymer adsorption-induced permeability reduction in low permeability reservoirs성원모
2018-09Effects of CO2 miscible flooding on oil recovery and the alteration of rock properties in a carbonate reservoir성원모
2012-04Effects of the imbibitional flow of steam on oil recovery from carbonate reservoirs성원모
2018-07Efficiency of enhanced oil recovery by injection of low-salinity water in barium-containing carbonate reservoirs성원모
2019-01Enhanced oil recovery efficiency of low-salinity water flooding in oil reservoirs including Fe2+ ions성원모
2014-02Enhanced oil recovery using nanoparticle-stabilized oil/water emulsions성원모
2015-08Evaluation of CO2 storage capacity and injectivity using a relief well in a saline aquifer in Pohang basin, offshore South Korea성원모
2015-06Experimental Investigation for the Effect of CO2 Sequestration on Oil Recovery under the Gravity Segregation in CO2 EOR성원모
2014-08Experimental Investigation of Polymer Adsorption-Induced Permeability Reduction in Low Permeability Reservoirs성원모