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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-103D CSEM frequency-domain modeling and inversion algorithms including topography변중무
2016-103D CSEM inversion using a source-type finite-element approach변중무
2018-093D sequential inversion of frequency-domain airborne electromagnetic data to determine conductive and magnetic heterogeneities변중무
2013-03Acoustic full-waveform inversion of surface seismic data using the Gauss-Newton method with active constraint balancing변중무
2016-03Analysis of anomalous electrical conductivity and magnetic permeability effects using a frequency domain controlled-source electromagnetic method변중무
2017-08Converted-wave guided imaging condition for elastic reverse time migration with wavefield separation변중무
2020-07Cooperative deep learning inversion of controlled-source electromagnetic data for salt delineation변중무
2019-09Cooperative deep learning inversion: Seismic-constrained CSEM inversion for salt delineation변중무
2014-11Cross-gradient 제약조건에 기반한 탄성파탐사자료와 전자탐사자료의 복합역산 알고리듬 개발변중무
2019-06Deep learning applications in EM imaging변중무
2017-10Delineation of gas hydrate reservoirs in the Ulleung Basin using unsupervised multi-attribute clustering without well log data변중무
2014-07Effective suppression of spurious events when generating reflected P- and PS-wave data using seismic interferometry변중무
2016-10Effective workflow of Poisson impedance analysis for identifying oil reservoir with similar resistivity log response to neighboring medias변중무
2015-04Efficient full-waveform inversion with normalized plane-wave data변중무
2018-03An efficient interpolation approach for insufficient 3D field data변중무
2019-11Elastic full waveform inversion using plane-wave변중무
2011-09Elastic modeling in 3D Tilted Transversely Isotropic (TTI) media with Convolutional Perfectly Matched Layer (CPML) boundary conditions변중무
2012-06Elastic modelling in tilted transversely isotropic media with convolutional perfectly matched layer boundary conditions변중무
2014-07Estimation of gas hydrate saturation in the Ulleung basin using seismic attributes and a neural network변중무
2013-09Estimation of gas hydrate saturation in Ulleung Basin using seismic attributes and well logs변중무
2011-06Estimation of Q from Zero-offset VSP data in Gas Hydrate-bearing Zone변중무
2019-09Facies classification using semi-supervised deep learning with pseudo-labeling strategy변중무
2017-05Fast first arrival picking algorithm for noisy microseismic data변중무
2011-09A feasibility study of CO2 sequestration monitoring using the mCSEM method at a deep brine aquifer in a shallow sea변중무
2012-04A feasibility study of CO2 sequestration monitoring using the mCSEM method at a deep brine aquifer in a shallow sea변중무
2016-02Feasibility study of seismic monitoring for gas hydrate production in the Ulleung Basin in the East Sea변중무
2015-05GPU를 이용한 이방성 탄성 거꿀 참반사 보정의 계산가속변중무
2015-09Imaging pre-existing natural fractures using microseismic data변중무
2020-03Imaging subsurface resistivity structure from airborne electromagnetic induction data using deep neural network변중무
2018-08Imaging the crustal structure along the KCRT-2008 profile in the Southern Korean Peninsula using regularisation (vol 49, pg 462, 2017)변중무