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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-113D Cross-Linked Nanoweb Architecture of Binder-Free TiO2 Electrodes for Lithium Ion Batteries백운규
2014-043D-interconnected Nanoporous RGO-CNT Structure for Supercapacitors Application백운규
2013-11Acid-base interaction between carbon black and polyurethane molecules with different amine values: Dispersion stability of carbon black suspension for use in lithium ion battery cathodes백운규
2019-08Advantageous crystalline–amorphous phase boundary for enhanced electrochemical water oxidation백운규
2011-12Analysis of thermoelastic characteristics for vertical-cracked thermal barrier coatings through mathematical approaches백운규
2015-02Assembly of micro/nanomaterials into complex, three-dimensional architectures by compressive buckling백운규
2018-01Boosting Electrochemical Water Oxidation with Metal Hydroxide Carbonate Templated Prussian Blue Analogues백운규
2016-03Carbon coated porous nickel phosphides nanoplates for highly efficient oxygen evolution reaction백운규
2017-07Ce3+-enriched core-shell ceria nanoparticles for silicate adsorption백운규
2020-01Chemical and structural engineering of transition metal boride towards excellent and sustainable hydrogen evolution reaction백운규
2017-02Communication-Corrosion Behavior of Tungsten Metal Gate in the Presence of Hydrogen Peroxide at Acidic Medium백운규
2017-01Communication-Synergistic Effect of Mixed Particle Size on W CMP Process: Optimization Using Experimental Design백운규
2016-12Concentrator photovoltaic module architectures with capabilities for capture and conversion of full global solar radiation백운규
2012-02Conformational-Induced Doping Effect of Sodium Dodecyl Benzene Sulfonate on Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes백운규
2015-05Construction of hybrid bowl-like structures by anchoring NiO nanosheets on flat carbon hollow particles with enhanced lithium storage properties백운규
2014-12Control of bond coat microstructure in HVOF process for thermal barrier coatings백운규
2013-05Control of H2O generated during the CO2 hardening process in a casting mold백운규
2020-05Controlled swelling behavior and stable cycling of silicon/graphite granular composite for high energy density in lithium ion batteries백운규
2020-01Copper Nitride Nanowires Printed Li with Stable Cycling for Li Metal Batteries in Carbonate Electrolytes백운규
2014-09Core-Shell Tubular Nanostructured Electrode of Hollow Carbon Nanofiber/Manganese Oxide for Electrochemical Capacitors백운규
2019-06Crack-Growth Behavior in Thermal Barrier Coatings with Cyclic Thermal Exposure백운규
2019-06Crack-Resistance Behavior of an Encapsulated, Healing Agent Embedded Buffer Layer on Self-Healing Thermal Barrier Coatings백운규
2017-02Cross-linked poly(acrylic acid)-carboxymethyl cellulose and styrene-butadiene rubber as an efficient binder system and its physicochemical effects on a high energy density graphite anode for Li-ion batteries백운규
2017-11CuO embedded silica nanoparticles for tungsten oxidation via a heterogeneous Fenton-like reaction백운규
2019-12Current Status of Self-Supported Catalysts for Robust and Efficient Water Splitting for Commercial Electrolyzer백운규
2013-02Dependence of nickel gettering on crystalline nature in as-grown Czochralski silicon wafer백운규
2017-11Dielectric Polarization of a High-Energy Density Graphite Anode and Its Physicochemical Effect on Li-Ion Batteries백운규
2012-09Dominant Factors Governing the Rate Capability of a TiO2 Nanotube Anode for High Power Lithium Ion Batteries백운규
2013-05Effect of ambient pressure on the selective growth of square In2O3 nanowires백운규
2013-01Effect of post heat treatment on thermal durability of thermal barrier coatings in thermal fatigue tests백운규