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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-01Conformal coating of ultratin Ni(OH)2 on ZnO nanowires grown on textile fiber for efficient flexible energy storage devices배지현
2021-02Correction to: Design framework for a seamless smart glove using a digital knitting system배지현
2014-09Depletion width engineering via surface modification for high performance semiconducting piezoelectric nanogenerators배지현
2013-11Dewetted gold nanoparticles on ZnO nanorods for three-dimensionally distributed plasmonic hot spots배지현
2015-06Effect of texture on color variation in inkjet-printed woven textiles배지현
2014-02Effects of substrate on pieaoelectricity of electrospun poly(binylidene fluoride)-nanofiber-based energy generators배지현
2013-02Electrical properties of conductive fabrics for operating capacitive touch screen displays배지현
2014-02A flexible bimodal sensor array for simultaneous sensing of pressure and temperature배지현
2014-09Flutter-driven triboelectrification for harvesting wind energy배지현
2019-03Highly Bendable and Rotational Textile Structure with Prestrained Conductive Sewing Pattern for Human Joint Monitoring배지현
2014-03Highly sensitive and selective hydrogen sulfide and toluene sensors using Pd fuctionalized WO3 nanofibers for potential diagnosis of halitosis and lug cancer배지현
2014-06Highly stretchable resistive pressure sensors using a conductive elastomeric composite on a micropyramid array배지현
2012-11Highly stretchable slectric circuits from a composite material of silver nanoparticles and elastomeric fibres배지현
2021-02A Knitted Sensing Glove for Human Hand Postures Pattern Recognition배지현
2014-04Layer by layer assembly of ultrathin V2O5 anchored MWCNTs and graphene on textile fabrics for fabrication of high energy density flexible supercapacitor electrodes배지현
2019-03Optimized Dyeing Process for Enhancing the Functionalities of Spent Coffee Dyed Wool Fabrics Using a Facile Extraction Process배지현
2019-10Poling-free spinning process of manufacturing piezoelectric yarns for textile applications배지현
2012-04Preparation and properties of multi-functionalized cotton fabrics treated by extracts of gromwell and gallnut배지현
2019-06Robust and scalable three-dimensional spacer textile pressure sensor for human motion detection배지현
2018-11Safety Evaluation of Absorbent Hygiene Pads: A Review on Assessment Framework and Test Methods배지현
2018-11Scalable and facile synthesis of stretchable thermoelectric fabric for wearable self-powered temperature sensors배지현
2015-07A sensor array using multi-functional field-effect transistors with ultrahigh sensitivity and precision for bio-monitoring배지현
2020-02Surface Functionalization of Cotton and PC Fabrics Using SiO2 and ZnO Nanoparticles for Durable Flame Retardant Properties배지현
2009-08다중지능의 개인적 지능 프로그램에 관한 단기종단적 내러티브 연구배지현
2020-09손가락 동작 분류를 위한 니트 데이터 글러브 시스템배지현
2019-12중공사를 이용한 침장용 소재의 구조적 특성에 따른 역학적 특성 및 태분석배지현