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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-11Acoustic metamaterial panel composed of funnel-shaped cell unit having multi-band negative material properties박준홍
2012-08Active control of exhaust noise using an air horn박준홍
2016-10Analysis of Acoustic Characteristics Considering the Composition Ratio of the Felt Type Sound Absorption Materials박준홍
2016-10Analysis of Vibration Transfer Characteristics of Multi-jointed Structures Using Complex Stiffness Model박준홍
2018-04Artificial Engine Sound Synthesis Method for Modification of the Acoustic Characteristics of Electric Vehicles박준홍
2017-03Attenuation of Sounds in a Pipe with Shear Flow Using Layered Metamaterials박준홍
2016-10Automotive Door Glass Rattle Noise Analysis Using Simple Model Experiments박준홍
2014-03Binaural Recording 기법을 이용한 다양한 철도차량의 Pass-by 소음의 성가심 분석박준홍
2016-10Broad-band Sound Absorption Structure Development Using Helical Shape박준홍
2015-10Cause and perception of amplitude modulation of heavy-weight impact sounds in concrete wall structures박준홍
2011-03The characteristics of bio-oil produced from the pyrolysis of three marine macroalgae박준홍
2019-09Complex structured polymer concrete sleeper for rolling noise reduction of high-speed train system박준홍
2014-07Damage identification using flexural vibration actuated and sensed by piezoelectric transducers박준홍
2019-06Dependence between the vibration characteristics of the proton exchange membrane fuel cell and the stack structural feature박준홍
2016-05Dependence of polymer concrete vibration characteristics on internal pipe and damper embedment박준홍
2019-12Determination of Clamping Force Using Bolt Vibration Responses during the Tightening Process박준홍
2012-10Determination of effective mass density and modulus for resonant metamaterials박준홍
2017-10Determination of Fluid Density and Viscosity by Analyzing Flexural Wave Propagations on the Vibrating Micro-Cantilever박준홍
2020-10Development of a Flowmeter Using Vibration Interaction between Gauge Plate and External Flow Analyzed by LSTM박준홍
2017-01Direct determination of dynamic properties of railway tracks for flexural vibrations박준홍
2019-11Direct evaluation method to measure permittivity and conductivity of thin layers via wave approach in the THz region박준홍
2018-01Double resonant porous structure backed by air cavity for low frequency sound absorption improvement박준홍
2016-12Droplet 평판충돌에 의한 차량루프부의 소음방사 메커니즘박준홍
2018-09Dynamic properties of bolted joints in laminated composites evaluated using flexural wave propagation박준홍
2016-02Dynamics of flexible tower-blade and rigid nacelle system: dynamic instability due to their interactions in wind turbine박준홍
2015-03Effect of pilot injection on engine noise in a single cylinder compression ignition engine박준홍
2018-01Effect of Substrates on the Dynamic Properties of Inkjet-Printed Ag Thin Films박준홍
2017-07Effect of the static compressive load on vibration propagation in multistory buildings and resulting heavyweight floor impact sounds박준홍
2019-12Effective vibration test planning method for equipment with high slenderness ratio박준홍
2014-12Experimental investigation of vehicle wiper blade's squeal noise generation due to windscreen waviness박준홍