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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-09An analysis of the ventilation rates in residential buildings박준석
2014-05Application of desiccant systems for improving the performance of an evaporative cooling-assisted 100% outdoor air system in hot and humid climates박준석
2015-05Development and evaluation of a measurement method and system for solar heat gain coefficient and thermal transmittance박준석
2019-09Development human thermoregulation model for Korean young and older men박준석
2019-09Effects of building parameters on occupant’s window opening behaviour박준석
2011-08The effects of outdoor air supply rate on work performance during 8-h work period박준석
2014-05Effects of types of ventilation system on indoor particle concentrations in residential buildings박준석
2017-06Empirical analysis of indoor air quality enhancement potential in a liquid-desiccant assisted air conditioning system박준석
2013-09Energy saving potential of liquid desiccant in evaporative-cooling-assisted 100% outdoor air system박준석
2016-01Estimating thermal performance and energy saving potential of residential buildings using utility bills박준석
2020-02Evaluating thermal performance of double-skin facade using response factor박준석
2012-06A field study of occupant behavior and energy consumption in apartments with mechanical ventilation박준석
2018-04Impact of an Ultraviolet Reactor on the Improvement of Air Quality Leaving a Direct Evaporative Cooler박준석
2014-12Impact of integrated hot water cooling and desiccant-assisted evaporative cooling systems on energy savings in a data center박준석
2014-08Inverse Model Toolkit을 이용한 리모델링 건축물의 에너지 성능평가 사례박준석
2014-11KS L 9107에 의한 태양열 취득률(SHGC) 측정장치 개발 및 평가박준석
2013-04Long-term field measurement on effects of wind speed and directional fluctuation on wind-driven cross ventilation in a mock-up building박준석
2020-09Machine learning algorithms for predicting occupants' behaviour in the manual control of windows for cross-ventilation in homes박준석
2017-10Mass loading of particles in the supply ducts of mechanical ventilation systems in homes박준석
2019-03Modeling occupant behavior of the manual control of windows in residential buildings박준석
2016-05Occupant behavior regarding the manual control of windows in residential buildings박준석
2015-02Optimum supply air temperature ranges of various air-side economizers in a modular data center박준석
2016-04거주자의 온열감이 창문 개폐 행위에 미치는 영향박준석
2019-11거주자의 자연 환기 행위 예측을 위한 주성분분석박준석
2016-03겨울철 신축 공동주택의 플러쉬아웃 시행 시 난방비용에 관한 연구박준석
2015-10겨울철 플러쉬아웃 시행에 따른 에너지 비용 분석박준석
2015-10계절변화에 따른 거주자의 온열쾌적과 창문개폐행위에 관한 연구  박준석
2015-10공과금을 이용한 공동주택 건물의 에너지성능 노후화 진단박준석
2016-04공동주택 거주자의 창문 개폐 행위 모델 개발박준석
2019-04공동주택 실내에서 미세먼지의 침착 및 외기 유입에 관한 현장실험박준석