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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-023세대 이동통신용 1.2-V 0.18-μm 시그마-델타 모듈레이터 설계김현중
2020-09Biodegradation mechanism of arsenopyrite mine tailing with Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans and influence of ferric supplements김현중
2020-06Bubble−particle interactions with hydrodynamics, XDLVO theory, and surface roughness for flotation in an agitated tank using CFD simulations김현중
2020-05Cationic collector conformations on an oxide mineral interface: Roles of pH, ionic strength, and ion valence김현중
2019-12Comparison of two morphologically different fungal biomass types for experimental separation of labile aluminium species using atomic spectrometry methods김현중
2019-08Continuous bioleaching of arsenopyrite from mine tailings using an adapted mesophilic microbial culture김현중
2019-04Cotransport and Deposition of Iron Oxides with Different-Sized Plastic Particles in Saturated Quartz Sand김현중
2019-06The dissolution and passivation mechanism of chalcopyrite in bioleaching: An overview김현중
2020-01Electrospun hydrogen manganese oxide nanofibers as effective adsorbents for Li+ recovery from seawater김현중
2020-02Extraction of nickel and cobalt from a laterite ore using the carbothermic reduction roasting-ammoniacal leaching process김현중
2019-02Flotation separation of quartz from apatite and surface forces in bubble–particle interactions: Role of pH and cationic amine collector contents김현중
2019-12Fungal bioextraction of iron from kaolin김현중
2009-02Hydrogel을 이용한 마이크로유체장치 내에서 3차원 세포배양에 관한 연구김현중
2020-02Improved formaldehyde gas sensing properties of well-controlled Au nanoparticle-decorated In2O3 nanofibers integrated on low power MEMS platform김현중
2019-06Influence of physicochemical surface properties on the adhesion of bacteria onto four types of plastics김현중
2020-07Inorganic nanofiber as a promising sorbent for lithium recovery김현중
2020-07Intensified bioleaching of chalcopyrite concentrate using adapted mesophilic culture in continuous stirred tank reactors김현중
2019-11-05Interaction energies for hollow and solid cylinders: Role of aspect ratio and particle orientation김현중
2020-02K League 사회공헌활동(CSR) 인식 연구 : 진정성의 매개역할 중심으로김현중
2020-08Leaching of exhausted LNCM cathode batteries in ascorbic acid lixiviant: a green recycling approach, reaction kinetics and process mechanism김현중
2020-02Liquid–Liquid Extraction and Reductive Stripping of Chromium to Valorize Industrial Effluent김현중
2019-06Malachite flotation using carbon black nanoparticles as collectors: Negative impact of suspended nanoparticle aggregates김현중
2020-08Particle–bubble interaction energies for particles with physical and chemical heterogeneities김현중
2019-07The role of cupric ions in the oxidative dissolution process of marmatite: A dependence on Cu2+ concentration김현중
2020-08Shape and orientation of bare silica particles influence their deposition under intermediate ionic strength: A study with QCM–D and DLVO theory김현중
2020-02Transport behaviors of plastic particles in saturated quartz sand without and with biochar/Fe3O4-biochar amendment김현중
2020-06Transport of citrate-coated silver nanoparticles in saturated porous media김현중
2011-02제일원리 전자구조 계산을 이용한 C(111) 표면에 형성된 일차원 C 체인의 길이에 따른 전자구조에 관한 연구김현중
2020-08코로나 바이러스 감염증-19 (COVID-19)가 스포츠 활동에 미치는 영향에 대한 연구 : 골프 활동 중심으로김현중
2015-08표면위에 자기조립적으로 형성된 저차원나노구조물에서의 전자구조에 관한 연구김현중