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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-05Amplification of proinflammatory phenotype, damage, and weakness by oxidative stress in the diaphragm muscle of mdx mice김종희
2019-09Associations Between Skeletal Muscle Mass, Grip Strength, and Physical and Cognitive Functions in Elderly Women: Effect of Exercise with Resistive Theraband김종희
2012-04Biphasic Stress Response in the Soleus during Reloading after Hind Limb Unloading김종희
2015-06C57BL/6 life span study: age-related declines in muscle power production and contractile velocity김종희
2013-11C57BL/6 Neuromuscular Healthspan Scoring System김종희
2016-12Combined Effects of Phytochemicals and Exercise on Fatty Acid Oxidation김종희
2011-07A continuum of myofibers in adult rabbit extraocular muscle: force, shortening velocity, and patterns of myosin heavy chain colocalization김종희
2011-07A continuum of myofibers in adult rabbit extraocular muscle: force, shortening velocity, and patterns of myosin heavy chain colocalization김종희
2013-02Contribution of oxidative stress to pathology in diaphragm and limb muscles with Duchenne muscular dystrophy김종희
2020-04Development of Novel Continuous and Interval Exercise Programs by Applying the FITT-VP Principle in Dogs김종희
2012-05Differential effects of mild therapeutic exercise during a period of inactivity on power generation in soleus type I single fibers with age김종희
2020-12The dog as an exercise science animal model: a review of physiological and hematological effects of exercise conditions김종희
2015-10Exercise training attenuates age-dependent elevation of angiotensin II type 1 receptor and Nox2 signaling in the rat heart김종희
2011-03Exercise training reduces fibrosis and matrix metalloproteinase dysregulation in the aging rat heart김종희
2019-12Gender difference in colorectal cancer indicators for exercise interventions: the National Health Insurance Sharing Service-Derived Big Data Analysis김종희
2013-01Inactivity, age, and exercise: single-muscle fiber power generation김종희
2019-04Increasing myosin light chain 3f (MLC3f) protects against a decline in contractile velocity김종희
2015-09Lifelong wheel running exercise and mild caloric restriction attenuate nuclear EndoG in the aging plantaris muscle김종희
2017-08A mini-overview of single muscle fibre mechanics: the effects of age, inactivity and exercise in animals and humans김종희
2015-05MnSOD Overexpression Reduces Fibrosis and Pro-Apoptotic Signaling in the Aging Mouse Heart김종희
2013-02Multiple existence of positive global solutions for parameterized nonhomogeneous elliptic equations involving critical exponents김종희
2012-04Myosin light chain 3f attenuates age-induced decline in contractile velocity in MHC type II single muscle fibers김종희
2014-07Non-weight bearing-induced muscle weakness: the role of myosin quantity and quality in MHC type II fibers김종희
2017-08The Role of Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress in Cardiovascular Disease and Exercise김종희
2020-07Short-Term ONX-0914 Administration: Performance and Muscle Phenotype in Mdx Mice김종희
2018-04Trampoline Exercise Improves Functional Performance in Young Adults with Ankle Instability김종희
2020-12Vascular Protection by Exercise in Obesity: Inflammasome-associated Mechanisms김종희
2018-03The Vitamin D Receptor Expression in Skeletal Muscle of Women with Distal Radius Fracture김종희
2019-07근감소증과 노쇠의 전임상 모델 및 운동 효과김종희
2019-12노화에 따른 개의 트레드밀 운동 시 생리학적·혈액학적 반응 비교김종희