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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-05A Cooperative Replenishment Policy for a Supplier-retailer Supply Chain with a Batch Production Mode김종수
2005-12A multiechelon repairable item inventory system with lateral transshipment and a general repair time distribution김종수
2003-09Adaptive genetic algorithm for the manufacturing/distribution chain planning김종수
2020-07An adaptive joint replenishment policy for items with non-stationary demands김종수
2004-08Advanced planning and scheduling based on precedence and resource constraints for e-plant chains김종수
2000-01An algorithm for portfolio selection model김종수
2007-05An algorithm for repairable item inventory system with depot spares and general repair time distribution김종수
1999-12An Algorithm for the Traveling Salesperson Problem with Time Windows and Lateness Costs김종수
2004-12An algorithm for portfolio optimization problem김종수
2003-08An analysis of the M/G/1 system with N and T policy김종수
2003-11ARIMA 수요과정을 갖는 장기보충계약의 중앙통제모형김종수
2003-11ARIMA 수요과정을 갖는 장기보충계약하의 공급자 구매자 모형김종수
2002-06ARIMA 수요과정을 갖는 제품의 장기보충계약김종수
2002-12ARIMA 수요과정을 갖는 제품의 장기보충계약김종수
2020-03An automated smart EPQ-based inventory model for technology-dependent products under stochastic failure and repair rate김종수
2019-01Cooperative green supply chain management with greenhouse gas emissions and fuzzy demand김종수
2012-08Dynamic Expression of Specific miRNAs during Erythroid Differentiation of Human Embryonic Stem Cells김종수
1996-12Dynamic release control policy for the semiconductor wafer fabrication lines김종수
2020-09Efficient Algorithms for a Large-Scale Supplier Selection and Order Allocation Problem Considering Carbon Emissions and Quantity Discounts김종수
2002-08An efficient genetic algorithm for the traveling salesman problem with precedence constraints김종수
2007-06Game theoretic analysis of the bargaining process over a long-term replenishment contract김종수
2020-04Gated Recurrent Unit with Genetic Algorithm for Product Demand Forecasting in Supply Chain Management김종수
2018-04An improved way to calculate imperfect items during long-run production in an integrated inventory model with backorders김종수
2002-07Integrated process planning and scheduling with minimizing total tardiness in multi-plants supply chain김종수
2018-11Inventory control model for a supply chain system with multiple types of items and minimum order size requirements김종수
2011-09Joint Replenishment Problem for Single Buyer and Single Supplier System Having the Stochastic Demands김종수
2018-12A Model and an Algorithm for a Large-Scale Sustainable Supplier Selection and Order Allocation Problem김종수
2003-08Modeling lateral transshipments in multiechelon repairable-item inventory systems with finite repair channels김종수
2020-06A Multi-Item Replenishment Problem with Carbon Cap-and-Trade under Uncertainty김종수