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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-03Analysis of ZnS and MgF2 layered nanostructures grown by glancing angle deposition for optical design김은규
2019-01Anti-reflection Coatings with Graded Refractive Index of Indium Tin Oxide for Si-based Solar Cells김은규
2013-12Band gap modulation of ZnTe1-xOx alloy film by control of oxygen gas flow rate during reactive magnetron sputtering김은규
2019-12Broadband antireflective coatings for high efficiency InGaP/GaAs/InGaAsP/InGaAs multi- junction solar cells김은규
2011-07Capacitance Transient Analysis of Different-Sized InAs/GaAs Quantum Dot Structures김은규
2012-10Carrier charging effect of V3Si nanocrystals floating gate memory structure김은규
2020-06Characteristics of Cl-doped MoS2 field-effect transistors김은규
2019-09Characteristics of p-Type Conduction in P-Doped MoS2 by Phosphorous Pentoxide during Chemical Vapor Deposition김은규
2012-02Characterization of deep levels in a-plane GaN epi-layers grown using various growth techniques김은규
2011-07Charge loss in WSi(2) nanocrystals nonvolatile memory with SiO(2)/Si(3)N(4)/SiO(2) tunnel layer김은규
2012-12Charge loss mechanism of non-volatile V3Si nano-particles memory device김은규
2015-12Clarification of difference for transition between photoluminescence and cathode-luminescence based on GaMnN김은규
2017-10Controllable Growth of Single Layer MoS2 and Resistance Switching Effect in Polymer/MoS2 Structure김은규
2020-02Current Transport Mechanism in Palladium Schottky Contact on Si-Based Freestanding GaN김은규
2014-11Decimal Tunneling Magnetoresistance States in Fe/GaAlAs/GaMnAs Magnetic Tunnel Junction김은규
2014-03Deep level states and negative photoconductivity in n-ZnO/p-Si hetero-junction diodes김은규
2013-07Defect states in hybrid solar cells consisting of Sb2S3 quantum dots and TiO2 nanoparticles김은규
2018-09Defect States in InP/InGaAs/InP Heterostructures by Current-Voltage Characteristics and Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy김은규
2013-04Defect states of a-plane GaN grown on r-plane sapphire by controlled integration of silica nano-spheres김은규
2019-10Defect states of organic lead halide single crystals grown by inverse-temperature crystallization김은규
2011-03Degradation Evaluation of Mechanical Property for Modified 9Cr-1Mo Steel by Reversible Permeability김은규
2019-10The effect of oxygen partial pressure on band gap modulation of Ga2O3 grown by pulsed laser deposition김은규
2017-08Effect of Silver Nanoparticles with Indium Tin Oxide Thin Layers on Silicon Solar Cells김은규
2015-11Effect of space layer doping on photoelectric conversion efficiency of InAs/GaAs quantum dot solar cells김은규
2016-10Effect of vanadium oxide interfacial layer for electrical contact on p-type silicon김은규
2012-04Efficiency Enhancement in a-Plane InGaN/GaN Light Emitters with Carbon Nanotubes김은규
2011-01Electrical and Magnetic Properties of Tunneling Device with FePt Magnetic Quantum Dots김은규
2013-09Electrical and Optical Characteristics of n-ZnO/p-GaN Hetero-Junction Diode Fabricated by Ultra-High Vacuum Sputter김은규
2015-07Electrical and optical properties of Si-doped indium tin oxides as transparent electrode and anti-reflection coating for solar cells김은규
2017-04Electrical and photovoltaic properties of residue-free MoS2 thin films by liquid exfoliation method김은규