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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-06DQMOM approach for poly-dispersed soot formation processes in a turbulent non-premixed ethylene/air flame김용모
2013-05DQMOM based PDF transport modeling for turbulent lifted jet flames in MILD combustion condition김용모
2012-11DQMOM based PDF transport modeling for turbulent lifted nitrogen-diluted hydrogen jet flame with autoignition김용모
2013-06DQMOM-based PDF transport modeling for turbulent lifted flame with autoignition김용모
2012-07DQMOM-based PDF Transport Modeling for Turbulent Lifted Flame with Vitiated Coflow김용모
2012-05Effects of Fuel-Side Nitrogen Dilution on Structure and NOx Formation of Turbulent Syngas Non-premixed Jet Flames김용모
2013-09Effects of nitrogen dilution on NOx formation characteristics in turbulent syngas nonpremixed flames김용모
2013-09Effects of pressure and inlet temperature on coaxial gaseous methane/liquid oxygen turbulent jet flame under transcritical conditions김용모
2012-03An experimental study on the reaction characteristics of a coupled reactor with a catalytic combustor and a steam reformer for SOFC systems김용모
2017-06FDF-based combustion instability analysis for evolution of mode shapes and eigenfrequency in the multiple flame burner김용모
2017-08FDF-based combustion instability analysis for stabilization effects of a slotted plate in a multiple flame combustor김용모
2015-12FDF를 이용한 메탄 희박 예혼합 연소기의 비선형 열음향학적 불안정성 해석김용모
2017-09FGM-based non-adiabatic multi-environment PDF modeling for MILD combustion processes with the strong flow reversal김용모
2011-12IGCC 가스터빈 운전조건에서의 석탄가스 층류화염속도 및 확산화염구조에 대한 연구김용모
2014-12Interactive transient flamelet modeling for soot formation and oxidation processes in laminar non-premixed jet flames김용모
2017-09LES기반 연소모델과 Helmholtz 방정식을 이용한 LIMOUSINE 버너의 연소불안정 해석김용모
2017-08MEPDF를 이용한 와류 연소실 내부 예혼합 화염의 대 와동 모사김용모
2015-12MILD 연소환경에서의 난류 CH4/H2 난류 화염장 해석김용모
2015-05MOMIC을 이용한 층류 비예혼합 C2H2/Air 화염에서의 PAH 반응모델이 매연입자 생성에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구김용모
2017-11Multi-environment PDF 모델을 이용한 MILD 연소과정 해석김용모
2014-11Multi-environment probability density function approach for turbulent CH4/H2 flames under the MILD combustion condition김용모
2017-05Multi-environment probability density function approach for turbulent partially-premixed methane/air flame with inhomogeneous inlets김용모
2017-06Multi-environment Probability Density Function Modeling for Turbulent CH4 Flames under Moderate or Intense Low-Oxygen Dilution Combustion Conditions with Recirculated Flue Gases김용모
2017-12Numerical analysis for attenuation effects of perforated plates on thremoacoustic instability in the multiple flame combustor김용모
2011-02Numerical analysis of gaseous hydrogen/liquid oxygen flamelet at supercritical pressures김용모
2014-11Numerical modeling for flame dynamics and combustion processes in a two-sectional porous burner with a detailed chemistry김용모
2017-07Numerical modeling for structure and NOx formation characteristics of oxygen-enriched syngas turbulent non-premixed jet flames김용모
2011-03Numerical study of cryogenic liquid nitrogen jets at supercritical pressures김용모
2011-06Real-fluid flamelet modeling for gaseous hydrogen/cryogenic liquid oxygen jet flames at supercritical pressure김용모
2013-05Real-fluid flamelet modeling for liquid propellant flames at supercritical pressures김용모