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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-073-레벨 NPC 인버터에서 중성점 전압의 예측 제어김래영
2015-113상 6팩 인버터 모듈을 이용한 하나의 가극성 커플드 인덕터를 갖는 영전압 스위칭 펄스-폭 변조 단상 풀-브릿지 인버터김래영
2014-023상 계통 연계형 인버터에서의 전류 고조파 감쇄를 위한 능동형 피드포워드 보상 기법김래영
2014-074/2 스위치드 릴럭턴스 모터의 새로운 초기 기동 알고리즘김래영
2019-11Active Disturbance Rejection Control Scheme for Reducing Mutual Current and Harmonics in Multi-Parallel Grid-Connected Inverters김래영
2013-11An Active Feedforward Compensation for a Current Harmonics Reduction in Threephase Grid-connected Inverters김래영
2018-10An Active Partial Switching Method in Tertiary Loop for a High-Efficiency Predictive Current-Mode Control PFC Converter김래영
2015-06Adaptive Damping Scheme of LCL Filter Resonance under Inductance Variation for a Single-Phase Grid-Connected Inverter김래영
2012-12An Adaptive Maximum Power Point Tracking Scheme Based on a Variable Scaling Factor for Photovoltaic Systems김래영
2012-10An Adaptive Maximum Power Point Tracking Scheme Based on a Variable Scaling Factor for Photovoltaic Systems김래영
2015-09Analysis and compensation of band-pass-filter delay for a high frequency signal injected sensorless control김래영
2016-06The analysis and design of droop controlled DCMGS considering the line impedance김래영
2013-06Analysis and Modeling of Parallel Three-Phase Boost Converters Using Three-Phase Coupled Inductor김래영
2020-10Analysis of Various Pickup Coil Designs in Nonmodule-Type GaN Power Semiconductors김래영
2011-05Analytical approach of circulating currents mitigation effect using coupled inductor in the parallel three-phase boost converters김래영
2013-11Averaged Modeling and Control of a Single-Phase Grid-Connected Two-Stage Inverter for Battery Application김래영
2012-10Battery Voltage Sensorless Charge Equalizer Using the Multi-Winding Transformer김래영
2015-11Comparative Analysis for Main Parameters of Modular Multilevel Converter in HVDC Applications김래영
2019-09Conduction Loss Analysis According to Variation of Resonant Parameters in a Zero-Current Switching Boost Converter김래영
2019-11Control strategy for suppression of circulating current using high-frequency voltage compensation in asynchronous carriers for modular and scalable inverter systems김래영
2019-11A Coordinated Droop Control Method using a Virtual Voltage Axis for Power Management and Voltage Restoration of DC Microgrids김래영
2015-07DC 마이크로그리드의 배전 손실 최소화를 위한 새로운 드룹 제어 기법김래영
2018-10DC 배전용 반도체 변압기를 위한 직렬 연결된 플라잉 커패시터 멀티-레벨 정류기의 모델 예측 제어 방법김래영
2017-06DC 전력망 구축을 위한 VPI 제어 기반 MMC-HVDC 시스템의 순환전류 제어 기법김래영
2013-07DC 지락 사고에 강인한 MMC HVDC의 새로운 토폴로지김래영
2015-11Design consideration of CC-CV controller of LLC resonant converter for Li-ion battery charger김래영
2015-11Design procedure for minmimizing conduction loss for ZCT PWM boost converter김래영
2019-07A Distributed Control Method Based on a Voltage Sensitivity Matrix in DC Microgrids With Low-Speed Communication김래영
2019-05Double-Sided LCC Compensation Topology with Semi-Bridgeless Rectifier for Wireless Power Transfer System김래영
2012-10Extended Half Bridge ZVS PWM High Frequency Series Load Resonant Inverter김래영