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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-063D Printed Bioresponsive Devices with Selective Permeability Inspired by Eggshell Membrane for Effective Biochemical Conversion김동립
2020-03Adaptive Laboratory Evolution of Eubacterium limosum ATCC 8486 on Carbon Monoxide김동립
2020-05Bactericidal Lubricating Synthetic Materials for Three-Dimensional Additive Assembly with Controlled Mechanical Properties김동립
2020-05Bioresorbable, Miniaturized Porous Silicon Needles on a Flexible Water-Soluble Backing for Unobtrusive, Sustained Delivery of Chemotherapy김동립
2017-01BiVO4/WO3/SnO2 Double-Heterojunction Photoanode with Enhanced Charge Separation and Visible-Transparency for Bias-Free Solar Water-Splitting with a Perovskite Solar Cell김동립
2011-10Branched TiO2 Nanorods for Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Production김동립
2013-04Codoping titanium dioxide nanowires with tungsten and carbon for enhanced photoelectrochemical performance김동립
2020-01Cooling performance and space efficiency improvement based on heat sink arrangement for power conversion electronics김동립
2015-05Correlation of cross-cut cylindrical heat sink to improve the orientation effect of LED light bulbs김동립
2018-05Defrosting behavior and performance on vertical plate for surfaces of varying wettability김동립
2017-10Determination of the Genome and Primary Transcriptome of Syngas Fermenting Eubacterium limosum ATCC 8486김동립
2015-02Direct growth of cerium oxide nanorods on diverse substrates for superhydrophobicity and corrosion resistance김동립
2019-09Direct growth of hierarchical nanoneedle arrays with branched nanotubes from titanium foil with excellent anti-corrosion and superhydrophilicity김동립
2013-09Electroassisted Transfer of Vertical Silicon Wire Arrays Using a Sacrificial Porous Silicon Layer김동립
2019-11Enhanced Thermal Performance of Lithium Nitrate Phase Change Material by Porous Copper Oxide Nanowires Integrated on Folded Meshes for High Temperature Heat Storage김동립
2020-01Enhanced water collection of bio-inspired functional surfaces in high-speed flow for high performance demister김동립
2016-03Enhancement of photo-thermal conversion using gold nanofluids with different particle sizes김동립
2020-06Evaluation of thermomechanical behaviors of UO2-5 vol% Mo nuclear fuel pellets with sandwiched configuration김동립
2015-04Experimental investigation of frost retardation for superhydrophobic surface using a luminance meter김동립
2012-06Fabrication of Flexible and Vertical Silicon Nanowire Electronics김동립
2018-04Fabrication of micro-patterned aluminum surfaces for low ice adhesion strength김동립
2011-06Fabrication of Nanowire Electronics on Nonconventional Substrates by Water-Assisted Transfer Printing Method김동립
2017-10Fabrication of three-dimensional metal-graphene network phase change composite for high thermal conductivity and suppressed subcooling phenomena김동립
2018-04Fabrication of three-dimensional porous carbon scaffolds with tunable pore sizes for effective cell confinement김동립
2017-03Facile Fabrication of Superomniphobic Polymer Hierarchical Structures for Directional Droplet Movement김동립
2018-11Flexible elastomer patch with vertical silicon nanoneedles for intracellular and intratissue nanoinjection of biomolecules김동립
2017-11Frost behavior of a louvered fin heat exchanger with vortex-generating fins김동립
2019-12Frost layer growth behavior under cryogenic conditions김동립
2018-05Frosting and defrosting behavior of slippery surfaces and utilization of mechanical vibration to enhance defrosting performance김동립
2016-04Frosting behaviors and thermal performance of louvered fins with unequal louver pitch김동립